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Development of Crowdfunding Platform


We're an upcoming crowdfunding platform offering two-stage funding, digital files, an integrated community, and multi-charity donations. I am the founder.


We needed to develop a crowdfunding platform and get an MVP out to consumers, along with continuing to scale in the future.


They developed the platform and handled the two-stage funding, currency conversions, and multiple bug fixes that were left from another developer, who was unable to complete the platform. We worked with WordPress and IgnitionDeck, which is a WordPress plug-in, that implements functionality into the platform. They did other custom work for WordPress to implement features that were specific to us like our digital files that needed to be downloaded.

How did you come to work with Espeo Software?

We were displeased with the progress of our previous web developers and Espeo reached out to us on social media when they heard we needed help. I looked at their portfolio and enjoyed the fact that they offered a competitive price with professional work. We were able to talk directly to the developers.

How much have you invested with Espeo Software?

We spent $7,000 with Espeo.

What is the status of this engagement?

The project took 14 weeks, and it was completed in December 2016.


I'm very satisfied with Espeo. They gave us updated code every week as we requested to get ready for our closed beta that we were going to conduct.

They are always available. I found it valuable to talk directly to the team. They reviewed the documents and asked questions so that they understood the requirements before they started working on a feature. That cut down on the revisions that needed to be made.

The deadline was set for 7 weeks, and it took double that to finish the project. They were helpful in remedying that difference in terms of cost. They could offer more services to United States-based customers. I think that would be beneficial to them and very helpful to U.S.-based customers. Finding U.S.-based web development companies at an affordable rate with professional quality is hard to find.

What tips or recommendations could you share that might increase the likelihood of success with Espeo Software?

Sign Dominik [Zyskowski, software product manager and senior consultant at Espeo Software] on to work on your project. He worked with us nonstop and is probably the most passionate person there who was dedicated to working with us. He was passionate and provided new features, some that we didn't even think about. Look at what they offer and make sure they're right for you. Something that caught us off-guard was that they're based in Poland, so they work different hours than we do. A U.S. company will need to work on Poland time if they want to communicate with the team.

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Tilaaja: Dreams.Build
Ajankohta: 2016 -


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