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Indoor positioning increases safety and security increases productivity

BloggausInvesting in indoor positioning is investing in safety and productivity. Indoor positioning can not only save lives but also reduce risk situations and optimize material flows in industry.

Ensuring safety through indoor positioning is another important way to improve working conditions. Anticipating and avoiding accidents at work enables work to proceed as desired. In emergencies, faster action and situation management means fewer casualties. Positioning will also help combat a pandemic by providing information on the routes and duration of human movements.

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Safer premises and social distancing with indoor positioning »

In industry and mining, positioning brings great benefits

The pioneer of indoor positioning is the Finnish Iiwari Tracking Solutions. Chief Operating Officer Esa Viljamaa sees the improvements in safety brought about by indoor positioning in industry, construction, mining, maintenance services and mass events.

“Accurate indoor positioning has use in mining where conditions are particularly challenging. The aim is to minimize the number of personnel in the mines due to difficult conditions and safety. Iiwari’s software allows you to see the movement routes and speeds of both people and machines in real time. Accidents and collisions can be prevented by slowing down the speed of autonomous machines in advance.”

According to Viljamaa, one important application for indoor positioning can be found in maintenance outages in heavy industry. The maintenance of industrial plants is a large and demanding operation, during which hundreds of subcontractors can enter the plant in the process industry. In this situation, accurate indoor positioning helps to manage and direct the situation so that the right people are in the right place at the right time and avoid risk situations. With the help of positioning, subcontractors can be guided to the safest route and show them where maintenance is needed. The possibilities for use are further expanded when other information obtained by sensors is combined with location data.

Improved safety increases efficiency on both a small and large scale. For example, by tracking the location information of a hotel cleaner, you can see if a particular room has been cleaned and whether a new customer can already be placed there. In industry, the prevention of accidents at work and occupational safety in general is the number one guiding factor in operations, which, when implemented, improves the company’s image.

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Location matters in emergencies and in process optimization »

Lifesaving can depend on location information

Knowing the exact location of people and objects is often vital. The small positioning device developed by Iiwari Track’s Solutions can be placed, for example, in the ventilators of a large hospital, so that a free machine can be found quickly in an emergency. A person who may be in danger at work also feels safer when carrying an alarm button with location information. The positioning device also helps people in home care or nursing home care to get help quickly.

It is notoriously difficult to keep a distance at trade fairs and various mass events. Indoor positioning can be used to track the number of people and routes and direct human flows to avoid congestion. Under normal circumstances, the customer experience is improved when people can be evenly distributed across different services and unnecessary queuing is avoided.

In crisis situations, positioning helps and speeds up the organization of rescue operations. At the time of danger, the area can be emptied more effectively by directing people to the nearest emergency exits. Access to assistance is accelerated when positioning guides Helpers to the right place. Up-to-date information on the location of life-saving equipment, for example in a shopping center, can save lives in an emergency. In addition, rescue personnel can be safely directed to where the need is. For example, in a fire, smoke divers can use the positioning system to navigate directly to those in need, even in poor visibility.

The question is, should indoor positioning already be an integral part of the rescue plan for every mass event, large business premises and facilities?


The law monitors the tracking of location information

In many areas, the sharing of location information is an essential part of staff safety and thus of job satisfaction. Reducing the risk of injury and avoiding accidents is in the interests of both the employee and the employer.

On a larger scale, such as mass events or shopping malls, people are treated in location as anonymous serial numbers, not as identifiable individuals. Legally, tracking location data is well regulated in western countries, thanks to the EU Data Protection Regulation GDPR. It ensures what information service providers can store about an individual, and the user always has the right to ask the service provider to delete their own information.


New location information applications increase security

Developed by Iiwari, the world’s most accurate indoor positioning system is using its customers’ applications to make operations in many industries even smoother and more secure, one or a thousand location information at a time.

Stay tuned and feel free to stay in touch if we can help!


Esa Viljamaa, COO


+358 400 911 201


Ville Kolehmainen, CEO


+358 50 352 6458

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