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What are the benefits of indoor positioning?


We build a more efficient and safer world where everything is locable.

Indoor positioning is a gold mine that will revolutionize the efficiency of many industries and increase human safety.

Efficiency for the business with 10 cm accuracy indoor positioning

Indoor positioning is a gold mine that will revolutionize the efficiency of many industries and increase human safety. With high-precision indoor positioning, it is possible to automate and optimize various processes and locate both goods and people with an accuracy of less than 10 cm.

There is a growing need around the world for an easy-to-use, scalable and affordable indoor positioning system. We use outdoor positioning all the time: the navigator tells the shortest way from the office to the customer and with the help of a mobile phone map we navigate to a recommended restaurant in a foreign city. GPS is a great positioning system – outdoors. Inside, it doesn’t work or the accuracy is so poor that it’s useless.

Everything can be found when the location is known

The problems of our ordinary people with lost keys and tools multiply on a working life scale. Some of the expensive work time that could be used to do the actual work goes to the frustrating search and wonder of the possible location of the goods.

There are applications for accurate indoor positioning in every aspect of life, be it safety, healthcare, retail, logistics or the mining industry. Indoor positioning provides a wide range of benefits:

Efficiency increases. For example, no time is spent on construction sites searching for the necessary tools when their exact location is known.

Processes can be optimized. For example, hospitals have up-to-date information on the number and location of supplies, such as cleaned patient beds.

Security is increasing. For example, the exact location of those working in a mine will help in the event of an accident when help is quickly brought to the right place.

Yields increase. For example, in a store, the customer finds the product they are looking for and receives targeted marketing for the products that are right there.

Finally an affordable and high-precision technology for indoor positioning

A bottleneck in the breakthrough of indoor positioning has been achieving the required accuracy, finding the right technology, and high cost. Finnish growth company Iiwari Tracking Solutions has solved these problems by using Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology based on radio signals for positioning.

In Iiwari’s service, the location tag sends a signal of its location xx times per second. This allows information about the position of a stationary object with an accuracy of less than 10 cm and a moving object with an accuracy of less than 50 cm. For comparison, with Bluetooth, for example, the accuracy is about a meter.

Easy to set up

Utilization of indoor positioning has also been slowed down in the past by complex technology, which has required heavy modifications and installation work at sites. One of the priorities in the development of the IIiwari service has been the ease of commissioning and installation. The entire service consists of only three types of different components, so the installation of the location service is quick and effortless, even without an engineering degree. The simplified structure of the solution is also reflected in the low cost.

The technology developed by Iiwar is scalable and allows you to track an unlimited number of objects simultaneously, which is a significant competitive advantage over other UWB solutions.

The possibilities for using Iiwar’s new indoor positioning technology are almost limitless. The world is changing, operations are becoming more efficient, and human security is increasing one or a million locations at a time.

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