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NetSuite Day 2022 – International growth stories and NetSuite insights

BloggausStaria’s annual NetSuite Day was organized for the 7th time on November 15th. It was organized as a hybrid event, with about 300 people in total attending either live in Helsinki or following the live stream online.

After a tasty breakfast to keep everyone energized throughout the morning, the event was opened by Staria’s CEO Artti Aurasmaa. Aurasmaa’s speech focused on growth and what we as humans can achieve together through collaboration. He spoke about having a growth mindset and how at Staria, we believe that it comes from three core values – collaboration, courage, and commitment.

NetSuite Day 2022

NetSuite Day 2022 was sponsored by Staria, Oracle NetSuite, and FloQast.

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Staria

Artti Aurasmaa, CEO, Staria

The trends during uncertain times

The first keynote speech of the day was given by Gacho Grigorian, who works with Business Development (EMEA) at Oracle NetSuite. Grigorian spoke about the uncertainties that the last few years have brought for many companies and about the challenges that they are currently facing. The two main areas brought up as challenging were how supply chains are changing and a scarcity of skills and talent. To face today’s challenging times, Grigorian’s advice was to invest in adaptability and efficiency.

As for the most recent trends currently seen in organizations, Grigorian pointed out a demand for analytical capabilities such as planning, budgeting, and forecasting, a demand for flexibility in the company’s business platform and a demand for creating more efficiency.

Next up, we got to listen to Andrei Postolache, Senior NetSuite Solution Consultant at Staria. Postolache spoke about the newest 2022 NetSuite release and highlighted some of the new key features. This was followed by a Cash 360 demo showing NetSuite’s first cash flow reporting and forecasting feature.

Gacho Grigorian, Business Development EMEA, Oracle NetSuite

Gacho Grigorian, Business Development EMEA, Oracle NetSuite

Andrei Postolache, Senior NetSuite Solution Consultant, Staria

Andrei Postolache, Senior NetSuite Solution Consultant, Staria

Then, it was time for Staria’s partner and one of the sponsors of NetSuite Day, FloQast, to take the stage. Brandon Malekie, Inside Sales Manager (EMEA), and Tom Coldman, Account Executive, presented FloQast’s accounting workflow automation solution and explained how it can help companies close their books 30% faster.

While demoing the solution, they further explained how companies can have FloQast up and running in only 4-8 weeks and with minimal time needed from the finance team. Finally, they pointed out that the solution can grow and scale with the company.

Tom Coldman and Brandon Malekie from FloQast

Tom Coldman, Account Executive, and Brandon Malekie, Inside Sales Manager EMEA, FloQast

Smart Brands Laboratory – accelerating growth

After lunch, it was time for Justinas Lukaševičius, CTO at Smart Brands Laboratory to share Smart Brands Laboratory’s amazing customer success story.

Smart Brands Laboratory is an algorithm-driven e-commerce operational platform that launces brands globally. They have legal entities in three countries and a brand portfolio of 7 brands which have been launched and are being sold globally. They have been live with NetSuite since November 2021. Lukaševičius explained that they decided on NetSuite because it’s a cloud-based system which already had localizations for two of their legal entity countries: the Netherlands and the Unites States, and the third and final Lithuanian localization through Staria. They were also able to import and integrate the data from their key systems into NetSuite and currently have 11 integrations.

Lukaševičius further explained that data is at the very core of Smart Brand Laboratory. With NetSuite, they have control over and complete access to their data in real-time as well as a consolidated view of all data from their three legal entities in one place.

Justinas Lukaševičius, CTO, Smart Brands Laboratory

Justinas Lukaševičius, CTO, Smart Brands Laboratory

Juha Oja, Business Development Executive, Staria

Juha Oja, Business Development Executive, Staria

How companies can reach financial process excellence

Next up, it was time to find out how companies can reach financial process excellence. Taking the stage were Starians Juha Oja, Business Development Executive, Jani Jääskeläinen, CTO, and Mikko Kurki, Head of Product Management in BI & Planning.

Oja presented five building blocks to reaching financial process excellence:

  • Financial management growth readiness
  • Fluid daily financial operations
  • Global-proof financial technologies
  • Automated financial management
  • Data-driven business management

Jääskeläinen continued by speaking about Staria as a growth platform for companies with NetSuite ERP at the core and Staria Flow, Staria Localizations, and Staria BI & Planning as means of maximizing the return on investment in NetSuite.

Finally, Kurki spoke about the challenges that companies are facing when trying to achieve data-driven business management and how Staria BI & Planning is a hassle-free solution to those challenges. Staria BI & Planning combines forecasting and planning in a single solution that can be deployed rapidly and contains several financial reporting features.

Jani Jääskeläinen, CTO, Staria

Jani Jääskeläinen, CTO, Staria

Mikko Kurki, Head of Product Management, BI & Planning, Staria

Mikko Kurki, Head of Product Management, BI & Planning, Staria

Panel discussion: International growth

Then, it was time for the final part of the day’s official agenda – a super exciting panel discussion featuring the following panelists:

Heikki Puomila, Finance, Supercell

Johan Haataja, CFO, RELEX Solutions

Lauri Isotalo, CFO, Framery

Steffan Schumacher, COO, Efecte

The topic of the panel discussion was international growth and each panelist shared what their growth looked during the recent uncertain years and what it looks like today. They also discussed the main reasons for choosing NetSuite as their business platform and shared their advice for companies that are considering implementing NetSuite.

Read more about the panel discussion here.

Panel discussion at NetSuite Day 2022

Panel discussion with Efecte, RELEX Solutions, Supercell and Framery

As the panel discussion marked the end of the day’s official agenda, afterwards, everyone headed towards the cocktails and networking that was sponsored by FloQast.

Huge thanks to all the speakers, the sponsors, and everyone who participated and helped make the event a success! We hope you enjoyed it and will join us again next year!

Tom, Brittany and Brandon from FloQast

Tom Coldman, Brittany Shaw and Brandon Malekie from FloQast

NetSuite Day cocktails and networking

The happy hour was sponsored by FloQast

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