Breitenfeld Group implements EMM and GDPR compliance in 2 hours

Founded in 1942, Breitenfeld Group comprises 4 different companies and has grown to become an established Austrian manufacturer of high-grade steel, employing a staff of more than 300. Breitenfeld operates an electro-steel plant, a specialty steel shop, and a steel smelting facility at its site in St. Barbara im Mürtzal, Austria, with sales representatives in Italy, Germany, and the UK. Breitenfeld’s product range includes all kinds of conventional, special high-grade steel, re-melted ESR/VAR quality grades, and forged bar steel.

The challenge

Breitenfeld uses several mobile device models in its business: Huawei’s Android devices in the office; Apple iPhone SE/iOS for management; Samsung XCover/Android and rugged Catapillar devices for production workers. All of these devices are vulnerable and have business data stored.

The upcoming GDPR regulation will also set new requirements for all companies operating in the European Union regarding the handling of personal data. In order to secure the data on their mobile devices, Breitenfeld was looking for a solution to separate business and personal data, ensuring the passcode is enabled on every device, and the possibility to remotely run a selective wipe.

Breitenfeld was already using a mobile device management solution, and was already engaged with another MDM vendor. However, the company needed additional features, including support for the secure container for both platforms, in order to meet the requirements of GDPR, which is very important in Austria.

The solution

Breitenfeld contacted Miradore after being recommended by their Internet provider. “How things worked out was amazing. After a few phone calls and a one hour Teamviewer session, we were able to manage our Android devices” says Mr. Simon Pucher, Breitenfeld’s head of IT. He continues,“Another one hour session with Teamviewer and we also had Apple iOS devices up and running. This is the first time we ever bought an IT product without anyone visiting our office!

Breitenfeld found this to be a far cry from the normal, lengthy process of working with IT vendors, which include several in-person meetings and hours of PowerPoint presentations.

Today, Breitenfeld uses Miradore for

  • Separating business and personal data with the help of secure container
  • Automates apps and configuration deployments with business policies
  • Push apps and configurations (like exchange)
  • Enforcing passcodes
  • Deploying WiFi settings
  • Read security setting via Miradore reports (to prevent rooted devices)


“The main advantages to Miradore were the usability of the system and the easy learning curve. The price is good. The level of technical and sales support was really outstanding. These combined with an easy to use, feature rich product — there’s nothing more to add. Now we are up and running and are your happy customer. We don’t need to bother about GDPR anymore in this area.” Mr. Simon Pucher, Breitenfeld’s head of IT

Mr. Simon Pucher, Breitenfeld’s head of IT

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