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Miradore kokemuksia

Miradore kokemuksia –sivu koostaa yhteen ne asiakaskokemukset, suositukset ja suosittelijat, jotka Miradore Oy on liittänyt referensseihinsä.

ReferenssiTyler Technologies improves deployments and delivers cost savings with flexible MDM licensing

"The customer service is top-notch. Any time I’ve had a question I’ve got an answer in less than an hour. It’s just impressive to get that kind of quality of service from a vendor these days." "

-- Brian McGonagill, Product Manager for Incode Public Safety of Tyler Technologies

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ReferenssiManaged service provider L.E.A.D. IT is more profitable

"The biggest benefit so far of using Miradore is that I’m saving 30 hours per month per school,” says Jepson."

-- Lee Jepson, founder and director of L.E.A.D. IT.

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ReferenssiHart bei Graz controls data usage costs and is GDPR compliant

"We chose Miradore because it is easy to use, and it covers everything we need,” explains Schmutzer. The setup took about 2.5 hours in total."

-- Sibylle Schmutzer, Head of Finance and ICT

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ReferenssiYoungCapital saves 200 hours annually on setting up employees’ iPhones

"We contacted customer support though the online chat function and in one hour, everything was setup,” recalls Van der Doorn. “With other companies, we have to wait for weeks."

-- Remon Van der Doorn, Project Manager

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ReferenssiBreitenfeld Group implements EMM and GDPR compliance in 2 hours

"The main advantages to Miradore were the usability of the system and the easy learning curve. The price is good. The level of technical and sales support was really outstanding. These combined with an easy to use, feature rich product — there’s nothing more to add. Now we are up and running and are your happy customer. We don’t need to bother about GDPR anymore in this area.” Mr..."

-- Mr. Simon Pucher, Breitenfeld’s head of IT

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ReferenssiAddcom IT helps school take control of iPads with substantial savings

"Based on their experience, Addcom IT would recommend Miradore to others with no hesitation: “We plan to recommend this product to more of our customers and use it as another solution to provide to our current and potential customers. So many schools and businesses have mobile devices/tablets yet don’t have a method to properly manage and track them."

-- Addcom IT

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ReferenssiCompolaser saves up to 70 % in a perfect partnership

"They have the willingness and the ability to adapt their offering, which is something we haven’t encountered elsewhere. Though we’re still a relatively new client, we’ve already seen the product evolving constantly and developing according to new industry and security requirements. What’s more, any improvements we’ve suggested have always been addressed in product updates."

-- Martín Rollán, Marketing Director at Compolaser

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ReferenssiMiradore’s patch management brought on-site support hours down by 75% at Fujitsu Finland

"What makes Miradore so wonderful is the combination of reliability, transparency and cost-effectiveness,” Syrjänen concludes. “That’s something very unique and we’re glad we’ve found it."

-- Mika Syrjänen, Service Manager at Fujitsu Finland

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ReferenssiBLC Taito manages the whole asset lifecycle with Miradore

"Miradore offers better customer support than any other vendor we have worked with. They’re very responsive and approachable, and they have the expertise to solve even the most challenging technical issues."

-- Jani Kiri, Team Leader for Service Desk and Lifecycle Management at BLC Taito

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ReferenssiProtection for key services comes free to Ulvila

"When you’re operating with limited resources, it’s a huge help to know when a device hasn’t been online for a while. The great thing about Miradore Online is that I’m no longer left in the dark about our devices – all the information I need is easily accessible on the web."

-- Ari Suominen

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ReferenssiMiradore protects sensitive data for RIBW AVV

"It is very easy communicating with the people at Miradore. They always answer our questions quickly, and sometimes we have conference calls to talk about upcoming features."

-- Ton Garretsen, RIBW AVV ICT Manager

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ReferenssiMiradore is the top search result for Comune di Pordenone

"The people from Miradore are nice and friendly. They genuinely take care of their users and their experience of Miradore Online."

-- Paolo Cristofoli, IT Support Specialist

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ReferenssiMiradore Online helps Frigorifics Ferrer’s sales go swimmingly

"The customer service is really good; they answer fast and they are meticulous. They’ve really helped us make the most of Miradore Online."

-- Sergi Gorchs, IT Systems Administrator at Frigorifics Ferrer

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ReferenssiIT service provider Isoworks gives huge thumbs up to Miradore

"I’m personally in touch with Miradore nearly every day, the service is insanely good. . . . Any bugs are fixed super fast, in a matter of hours, and they even call me before I have the chance to call them. I’ve never ever had to wait."

-- Janne Körkkö, Infrastructure Specialist at Isoworks

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ReferenssiMiradore ensures Woikoski’s IT support never runs out of gas

"Miradore is always happy to receive my product development feedback and ideas and clearly takes them seriously too. Their service deserves an A+ for being both fast and reliable."

-- Robert Assum

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ReferenssiMiradore Online hits the sweet spot at Lion Pack Group

"What we liked about Miradore is simple enrolment, intuitive interface, flawless operation and the fact they care about improving their product. ...I was the one in charge of testing Miradore and another local provider, and someone from Miradore called me to ask about my experience with their product. She spent half an hour listening to what I liked and didn’t like about Miradore!"

-- Mile Jančić, CIO of Lion Pack Group

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ReferenssiAt Telia Eesti it’s all about great communication – also with Miradore

"In Talve’s opinion, Miradore cares for their partners as Telia cares for their customers. There could hardly be a more flattering compliment from a client than that."

-- Taavi Talve, IT Product Manager for Telia Eesti

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ReferenssiHealth Care District Sosteri says hello to remote maintenance with Miradore Online

"Miradore saves us crucial time in setting up mobile devices, because we can get email, security and WiFi settings delivered automatically, all at once. The remote wipe has also been a great help to us when devices inevitably get lost. Last but not least, Miradore is a company that’s truly a pleasure to deal with – their customer service is excellent."

-- Pasi Happonen, IT Systems Designer for Sosteri

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ReferenssiMiradore Online saves KAPO 30% on data fees

"Dealing with Miradore is great, because there is always a quick response and they really think about what their customers need."

-- Andreas Handler, IT Manager for KAPO

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