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IT Manager (Lahti)


RekryilmoitusWe are seeking an IT Manager 

who will be responsible for delivering well-managed IT services to support our global business. We are looking for a person who can manage and develop IT services to ensure that our business runs smoothly. Ideally, you can handle both the big picture and the minute details and enjoy both the strategic and the operational side of the job.

In this role your key responsibilities will be: 

  • responsibility for our IT infrastructure, ensuring that services are fit for purpose and meet both legal and business requirements
  • responsibility of incident and change management processes throughout the service lifecycle
  • managing infrastructure and roadmaps in collaboration with IT team members and outsourcing partners
  • defining technical requirements and specs for upcoming implementation projects and follow-up of ongoing projects
  • vendor management regarding IT infrastructure services
  • SLA fulfilment monitoring and business continuity
  • security of IT infrastructure
  • co-operation with business units to find efficient tools to fulfill business needs
  • ERP management (Dynamics AX), especially security, technical environment, and interfaces

To thrive and succeed in this role, you ideally possess the following skills and experience: 

  • experience in managing IT services in cross-functional teams
  • ability to create IT service strategies and roadmaps
  • strong skills in supplier management and negotiation
  • ability to analyze IT industry’s emerging trends and technologies and propose recommendations for implementing new technologies
  • experience with IT industry standards and methodologies 
  • familiarity with IT security solutions and legal requirements (for example GDPR)
  • strong experience with an ERP system, such as Dynamics AX or SAP
  • strong experience in managing different kind of data interfaces

Since the position involves international communications, you need to have good communication skills in English and Finnish. 

What we offer

We are a forward-looking company and are currently seeking an IT Manager on a permanent basis for our global operations. You will be responsible for Oilon Group’s IT organization, and you will report directly to the CEO. We offer excellent opportunities for professional growth and development in an international working environment with minimal hierarchy while enjoying support from your highly skilled and motivated peers.

You will work out of our head office in Lahti, Finland. You will occasionally need to travel to our other sites and offices in Finland, China, Russia, and the USA. 

Are you interested? 

To learn more about Oilon, visit our website. For further information on this position, please contact IT Manager Gert Broder, tel. +358 44 7576 236. Best available on Monday at 2 – 4 pm. 

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please submit your application as soon as possible.

The interviews will be started during the application period, and we will fill the position as soon as a suitable person is found.

Oilon Group is non-smoking workplace. 

Oilon Group Oy

Oilon is a family-owned, global energy and environmental technology company, founded in 1961.

Oilon specializes in environmental technology with a special emphasis on research and development.

The focus areas of the research and development are on improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy sources.

The focus technologies are:

• industrial heat pumps and chillers

• ground source heat pumps

• burners and combustion systems for liquid and gaseous fuels in the capacity range of 10 kW – 90 MW

The service activities are in an important role throughout the product life cycle.

Oilon solutions and systems are used for heating and cooling large buildings and facilities, and for heating private houses. Key industrial customers include power plants, pulp and paper mills, process industry, waste incineration plants, marine operators, and districts heating plants.

Oilon has operations in Finland, USA, China, and Russia. In addition, there are sales offices in Brazil and Germany as well as more than 70 resellers all over the world.

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Hakuaika: 25.8.2021 - 6.9.2021
Sijainti: Lahti
Linkki: https://rekrytointi.com/avoimet-tyopaikat/oilon-group-oy/it-manager-lahti/1267680/


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