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Software Developer .NET / C# / Python / Django


RekryilmoitusAre you looking for a place to write Python, dive into React, and widen your expertise in the heart of diverse customer projects? Do you appreciate a caring and strong work community, flexibility, attention to detail and changes that matter?

We have that for you.

We are looking for a (Senior) Software Developer to strengthen our expert team.

At Anders, we deliver digital solutions to smart cities, the education sector, GIS applications as well as diverse private companies. We build digitally sustainable software solutions that bring our customers long-term value. Are you also an advocate of sustainable software development?

Join our team and help us build digitally sustainable solutions together with the best colleagues!

Our customers recognize us especially for our Python/Django capabilities. In addition, we have a C#/.NET team, so if you are more interested in those, we could have a suitable place for you there as well.

We wish that you were located in Finland, but other than that, we don’t mind which city you work from. Many Andersians are still working mostly remote, while some have returned to the office – most of us are utilizing hybrid practices. We organize plenty of activities together, both physically and online, and the team spirit is buzzing strong.


Your future work community consists of an amazing team of 50 people, including software developers, software and solution architects, DevOps experts, project managers and business professionals. We are a warm-hearted, development-hungry, diverse work community. We love boldness and a sense of humor and we are proud of our strong team spirit!

The technologies used at Anders include:

  • Python & Django
  • .NET & C#
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, React

We give you the space, responsibility and freedom to leverage your experience in programming web solutions. You are familiar with the whole cycle of software development: from requirements specification to designing, implementing and testing solutions. Both your project team and your colleagues at Anders are here to give you advice and feedback on your work, as well as keep you company during workdays. In addition, we have been strengthening our DevOps capabilities for years and have made huge progress in our own practices and tools.

What do we hope from you?

  • At least 2-3 years of experience from some of the above-mentioned technologies. If you have way more work years behind you, we are also happy to offer you a senior developer position.
  • We appreciate it if you are familiar with web development and cloud services like GCP, AWS or Azure.
  • You like working closely with your team and customers: you are open to sharing your learned lessons and you like to share your ideas and initiatives.
  • You are enthusiastic about good development practices.
  • We utilize agile development methods, which is why experience with them helps you to catch up faster.


We are committed to sustainable digital development that maximizes customer benefits and minimizes unnecessary development time and costs. Our biggest asset is our people – we Andersians have created an exceptional (some say weird) culture that is something we are very proud of. Anders is a diverse and cultural organization where you can (and you should) be your own great personality.?


We do not push, nor do we politicize, but we always want to build better operating models together with our employees. Our growth is strong and we want to involve our employees in developing our business. 

You do not have to negotiate summer holidays separately, as we give (depending on your seniority) 2-4 weeks holiday rights straight away. In addition, we support the well-being of our employees with various benefits and strive to organize activities with the work team even now during exceptional circumstances. We believe that the employee gets the best results when overall well-being is taken care of.?


More experienced colleagues at Anders get to tutor and mentor younger developers. We encourage people to give lectures, talks, write?blogs?and teach others. You can choose your own toolset and it’s up to you how you want to decorate your own table or leave it as it is. Really the only thing we force upon you is your colleagues, but because they are a bunch of awesome people, it’s?actually a?good thing.?

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Hakuaika: -
Sijainti: Helsinki, Turku
Helsinki, Turku tai 100% etä
Linkki: https://www.anders.com/fi/tyopaikat/
Yhteydenotto: anna-greta.marttila@anders.com


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