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Specific industry makes a breakthrough to international markets utilizing inbound marketing

ReferenssiThe Story

Kai Iiskola has great taste. Literally. For thirteen years as a Head Chef at Finland’s finest gourmet cuisines, Iiskola has come to know a peculiar ingredient as the foundation of countless delicious culinary dishes: Bone broth.

Bone broth is used in restaurants as a basis for succulent sauces, soups, and other additive-free dishes. Iiskola quickly realized how inconvenient it is for chefs to simmer bones themselves to achieve that perfect broth.

Iiskola first developed a processing line in order to manufacture additive free bone broth (brand called in 1991 Puljonki) for Michelin star level restaurants. Nestlé Professional acquired the brand Puljonki in 2012. Iiskola’s great desire to develop food manufacturing business made him want to go a step further. He wanted to create a method where food industry bone waste can be utilized in making rich-in-flavour, additive-free bone broth available for everyone - not just the ones who eat at restaurants. And so the idea behind Coctio was born.

Coctio Ltd focuses on designing and manufacturing processing lines that turn animal bones into high margin and high in demand end products such as additive-free bone broth and sauces. The processing line is a unique value-added solution to the growing demand for bone waste management while meeting the global trend for additive-free bone broth. End products also include pure fat for industrial use (e.g. food / cosmetics) and high quality dehydrated meat and fish applications for the pet food industry.

The Challenge

Coctio Ltd aims for the global market by selling their modular factory and manufacturing lines for a unit cost of 2,5-8 million euros and providing consultation regarding bone broth business. The factory is assembled for production within Coctio’s facilities, with a client overseeing the process for approval. Afterward, the factory is disassembled and transported to the client’s production facilities, ready to operate.

As a startup company with quality execution, Coctio needed to push their inbound marketing and raise awareness of their services.

The Mission

First, clear goal posts were set for Coctio’s 2016: Pinpoint key industry players and leads in the European market. Build a brand new global concept for the industry. And sell 1-2 factories in the process.

With such a specific field of expertise and model of business, it was vital to find Coctio a way to really be noticed on the global market. To achieve this, specific industry keywords were extracted and utilized to gather accurate buyer personas.

And because there was no initial factory in place, compelling site content was created via smart video marketing and storytelling. Iiskola had a wonderful idea and an equally wonderful background: it all just needed to be brought to a buyer’s attention.

The Result

There are many impressive things about Coctio’s growth story, even besides their unique field of bone broth manufacturing. No traditional marketing was ever used – only Inbound. Starting from the Coctio website, everything was created in and with Hubspot. By implementing a smart inbound strategy with the right keywords, Coctio shot straight to the top of their market. Not bad for a startup company!

It’s time for happy numbers. Within a year, Coctio’s contact base surged by +52%. Out of these, 85% are profiled as potential purchasers from the lead pool. There are currently several factory deliveries in negotiation around Europe, USA and Asia. To answer the rising global demand for bone broth manufacturing, Coctio Ltd is currently planning on additional "small scale" lines for a unit cost of under one million euros. Development for Spring 2017 is well under way, with negotiations in Europe and the USA already in place.

And with their very first factory order already completed, the future has never tasted better for Coctio Ltd.

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Tilaaja: Coctio Ltd.
Jouni Koistinen, jouni.koistinen@zeelandfamily.fi


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