Dental portal for PlusTerveys

ReferenssiPlusTerveys sees preventive and regular dental care as the best option for taking care of their patients. The dental portal is the main digital channel for their customers. Our role was to create it.

The Goal 

The goal of the project was to create a responsive dental portal where customers can see their appointments, a dental map of procedures and information on which teeth are in further need of care. The portal also has a booking site where customers can make new appointments.

Overall it was really important that the digital channel is very easy to use and up to modern standards.

Our Role

Eficode implemented and continued to develop the service (more features, desktop views) with the company responsible for the initial design. The user interfaces for the booking site and clinician tool were designed by Eficode to be in sync with the portal.

What was done 

  • Development of PlusPalvelut portal’s clinician tool and booking site 
  • Implementation of functionality as Microservices
  • Technical keywords: React, Redux, Javascript ES7, Node, Koa, Webpack, Docker, PostgreSQL, Rancher, Cloud & DevOps Pipeline 
  • Integrations: SSO (AD), Patient data system & strong authentication provider

PlusTerveys is one of the biggest companies offering private healthcare services in Finland, and the biggest in dental healthcare. PlusTerveys is owned by the 1,200 medical professionals working in the company. The basis of PlusTerveys’ operations is the first-class service experience and the personalised treatment offered to its customers.

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