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Senior Software Engineer (Java/C++) – Indoor Location Services


RekryilmoitusIn order to be successful in this role, you should have solid knowledge of object oriented and functional programming languages and related technologies. You are familiar with HTTP, the REST-principles, and TCP/IP networking and you bring the following:

  • former experience with high throughput, low latency, highly reliable systems at scale
  • understanding of the importance of producing good and readable code
  • in-depth experience of writing unit-, acceptance-, performance tests and test-driven development
  • desire to learn new things and ready to be challenged
  • hands-on experience with AWS cloud technologies, Docker and Kubernetes.
  • experience in working with Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins or GitLab

Ideally, you have a Bachelor/Master degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or a similar technical degree.

Our culture is founded on openness, collaboration and honesty, with colleagues who are forward-thinking in their field, resilient and above all, strive for the best. One team, where everyone makes a difference and everyone is heard. Up for the challenge? We are looking forward to receiving your application.

Make here your destination, we are just getting started. Apply Now.



As a Senior Software Engineer you’ll have opportunity to work on future HERE Indoor products such as Indoor Maps and Indoor Positioning.

Within a co-located, cross-functional and self-organized team, you’ll have fun programming in various languages on systems under huge load and storing vast amount of data in the very heart of the platform. You will help running it on production – so no excuses, no throwing things over the fence but full control and responsibility.

We care about software design and take the time to write quality software. We use several programming languages and development tools in a strongly-typed and functional way. We use code reviews to learn from each other and to ensure our self-imposed bar for quality is constantly met.

Your role encompasses defining and working on features and technical tasks in a self-directed fashion, supporting your colleagues with technical challenges, working with product management to analyze requirements, talking to stakeholders, designing, implementing and documenting solutions as well as testing and reviewing your colleagues’ work.

Your team-shared responsibilities will include the architecture, design, development and testing of the back-end components. You will also find the following tasks as a part of regular activities:

  • run, monitor and support the components in production
  • elaboration and refinement of user stories
  • development infrastructure (build, testing, continuous integration)
  • documentation (deliverables, wiki)
  • evaluate and choose technologies suitable for work

Ever checked in somewhere on social media? Ever tracked your online orders? You might be using HERE Technologies every single day without even realizing it. You can find us everywhere: in vehicles, smartphones, drones or third-party apps. We believe that with the right people, we will continue to be a game-changer in the technology industry and improve the daily lives of people around the world. Find out more by clicking the video below or going HERE.

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Hakuaika: 25.6.2019 - 25.7.2019
Sijainti: Tampere
Linkki: https://rekrytointi.com/avoimet-tyopaikat/here-netherlands/senior-software-engineer-java-c-indoor-location-services/633979/


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