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Project summary:
The client is a Norwegian search engine marketing agency in Norway. There was a need to develop an enterprise application to manage links and traffic. Espeo Software was selected to develop the software. The project was completed in mid-2015.

Feedback summary:
The client is extremely satisfied with the work delivered by Espeo Software. They work witih clients long-term to create something that improves the overall operations and efficiency of their partners. Espeo Software is highly recommended to others.


OutSearching is one of the top SEM [search engine marketing] agencies in Europe. OutSearching acts as exclusive SEM agency for one of the top three affiliate networks in Europe – and we are preferred SEM agency for more than 10 top affiliate networks worldwide. I'm CEO and founder.


Link building services create ties to your website from other similar themed pages. Link building services garner votes from valuable websites related to your industry or topic. Now, when you have links to reputable and popular websites, search engines give you higher rankings. The more links a website receives, the higher the rank is. Each link also drives traffic to your website and as the visitors come from leading authority websites, it ensures greater sales conversions. To have better control on any affiliate links, we needed a dedicated app.


Espeo create an app with easy interface where users just enter a checked link. The script needs to click this link every minute and record the tunnel to the destination page. Now, if the tunnel is the same link, it only needs to be logged once. However, any changes need to be logged in full so that we can be able to see any affiliate links. The tracking system that Espeo created gives us a clear view of link ties.


Espeo Software asked some great questions as we went through the process. It's clear they think about these projects on a level beyond what we saw with some of the other firms we tested out. From start to finish, everything from communication to quality to levels of feedback was flawless. Espeo is more like a business partner. Other companies are only interested in delivering what's on the contract and they want to get it done so they can move onto the next contract. Espeo considers you a partner for the long term. As a customer, you can feel that they want to build something that helps us for a long time. 


"Espeo Software asked some great questions as we went through the process. It's clear they think about these projects on a level beyond what we saw with some of the other firms we tested out."

Trond Frost, Chief Executive Officer, Search Engine Marketing Agency

Referenssi Link Route App
Tilaaja: Norwegian AdTech company
Ajankohta:2015 -
Lisätietoja: Siirry yrityksen profiiliin Siirry yrityksen kotisivulle
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