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Online learning platform that understands how we all learn

TarjontaClaned is a collaborative online learning platform that understands how we all learn.

Claned personalizes learning to each individual improving their study motivation and learning results. This is possible by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and Finnish pedagogy revealing what factors impact individual learning. With real-time analytics both educator and student receive insights into factors impacting the learning of each individual. Claned is a cloud-based, content agnostic platform and as such different kinds of entities can benefit from it, from educators to organisations of any size in any location.

It is executing its disruptive strategy into a global education market by diverting away from the traditional Learning Management Systems. This is done by focusing on the learner and learning needs, instead of the administration.

Claned Group was founded in 2013 in Finland and launched its solution commercially in 2016 and is now used in 15 countries.

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