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Loomis: Product Service Engineer

RekryilmoitusType: Full-time, permanent

Location: Turvalaaksontie 1, 01740 Vantaa

Starting date: Negotiable, asap

Application DL: 15.11.2021

Loomis is the specialist in creating an efficient cash flow in society. We offer comprehensive solutions at all levels of society including financial institutions, retailers, other commerce related businesses and the public sector. Our 24,000 employees operate in about 400 branch offices spread across more than 20 countries.

The customers of Loomis are first and foremost to be found within the banking sector and the retail industry. The demand for efficient cash handling is high among central banks, large commercial banks, large ATM operators, large retail chains but also smaller enterprises. We offer a wide range of solutions for cash in transit (CIT), cash management services (CMS), international valuables logistics and the complete payment platform "Loomis Pay".

Cash in transit remains our main source of income but a growing part of our profits is generated through cash management services and advanced products such as SafePoints. The demand for comprehensive solutions regarding cash flow differs significantly depending on the market maturity. In general, the cash management markets are more advanced in Europe compared with other continents.

Loomis is looking for a Product Service Engineer to join their product management team in Vantaa. You will work on the SafePoint Ecosystem that consists of various different platforms connected with each other. SafePoint Ecosystem includes e.g. an internal incident management system, maintenance system, forecast solution, and value transportation system as well as an end-user portal for the clients, and systems and software for managing e.g. cash deposits and recyclers, safes, and ATMs around the globe.

We are looking for someone who is able to act as a support when there will be challenges or problems with the systems, softwares or devices - you will act as a 3rd line support. In addition to solving technical problems, you will have a shared responsibility for product related requirements and issue management concerning the incremental development as well as planning and implementation of future product roadmaps. You will gather information, make the needed specifications and test them together with the product management team and software developers. You act as a link between the customer needs and the coders. You participate in various meetings both internally and externally and turn the wishes and demands of customers, country managers and sales into concrete specifications and test them together with the team.

To succeed in this role, you will benefit from good problem-solving and customer service skills as well as a desire to maintain well-functioning systems. We hope you have a desire to bring out your own ideas and take others’ ideas into further development. We are looking for someone who has relevant previous work experience in IT support and/or product management. As a person, you have an independent and proactive attitude, strong communication skills and willingness to learn. Fluent English skills are essential for the role as you will be collaborating with clients and international teams.

We hope that you have:

- Some work experience in IT support and/or product management

- Willingness to learn and take responsibility for the functionality of the named products

- Great problem-solving skills

- Customer service spirit

- Excellent MS Office skills

- Fluent skills in English

We are happy if you also have:

- Skills in any programming languages

- Ability to read configuration files

- Finnish, Spanish and French language skills

We offer you:

- A responsible role and chances to bring your own ideas and affect our tech solutions

- A stable and secure job in a big, global, and also market-leading, company

- Great team spirit and a place where people enjoy working for a long period of time - our low staff turnover speaks for itself

(International) career paths into a direction you feel most passionate about, e.g. in software development

- Training to support your professional development - through internal and external educational offers we can ensure that industry knowledge and job-related skills are deepened and trained.

- Flexible working hours and a possibility for partly remote work

- Opportunity to visit our other offices internationally

- Competitive salary

- Use of the office gym, sauna, and swimming pool

In this position, you will be employed directly by Loomis.


Sounds like you? Please submit your CV or share your LinkedIn profile (cover letter optional) by the latest 15th of November via our application system here: https://emp.jobylon.com/applications/jobs/101971/create/ . Feel free to mention your salary request and possible starting date in your application documents. Remember to use the application system, we do not accept applications by email.

You can familiarize yourself with Loomis here: https://www.loomis-international.com/. For more information about the recruitment process contact aTalent’s Recruitment Manager Miili Reponen (+358 50 475 4889, miili.reponen(at)atalent.fi).

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Hakuaika: 1.11.2021 - 15.11.2021
Sijainti: Vantaa
Linkki: https://atalent.fi/open-position/product-service-engineer
Yhteydenotto: miili.reponen@atalent.fi


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