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Kaks.io Labs from Gold to Diamond HubSpot Partner in 6 months

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We are a bunch of Finns in purple hoodies with a can-do attitude and we make things happen! The latest feather in our cap is HubSpot's Diamond Partner status. We haven't just invested in achieving our customers' goals, we're also determined to reach our own. We decided that we are going for the Diamond HubSpot Partner Status during the year of 2019, although we reached the HubSpot Platinum Partner status in April 2019. 

Narrowing our focus

We decided to narrow our selection of services and purely focus on being the very best at what we do. We decided to utilize our special advantage - our super talented tech team!

The key to success in today’s world is to find a niche of your own. As more functionalities are added to HubSpot, stakes are getting higher - especially in automation processes, technology and integrations. We have focused on internationalizing and incorporating channel partners in both delivery and distribution models.

Customers first

Our decision to narrow our focus and to be a purely a technical HubSpot partner has notably improved our customer satisfaction.

We started focusing heavily on client expectation management, which meant that we shifted our mindset and communicated clearer with our customers about schedules and workloads. It paid off, as we are number one in HubSpot’s Performance Based Impact Award Customer First EMEA segment.

It's in our interest to have customers who are committed to their HubSpot projects. HubSpot is not a tool that will get the job done, it's the people that make the magic happen!

 Working with partners

We are a strategic partner that compliments the know-how of our partners. Our role in these partnerships is to increase customer satisfaction and to maximize customer retention.

With our special know-how and knowledge, we have strived to bring more value to the HubSpot community with integrations, module development, and verticals. We have created and tested verticals in the Finnish market with SaaS companies and education & finance sectors. The next step is to launch these globally with the help of our channel partners. Our first focus is Europe and the USA. 

Looking towards the future

Our principle is to have open communication and the right spirit in everything that we do.

We have travelled to seek and learn the very best models from all over the world. We are also very pleased with Dan Tyre’s Bootcamp and how our sales numbers grow as a result of it. However, we aren't done yet. Our next move is to start chasing the soon-to-be-launched Elite-level and to put effort into international growth and partnerships.

If you want to hear more about how we managed to grow as we did or if you feel like being a part of our journey, please contact Aleksi Lehtola, Kaks.io Labs' Head of Operations.

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