PWCampbell Achieves Cost Savings with Miradore Online

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PWCampbell is a design/build firm, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with over 100 years of experience in the construction industry. They provide planning, design, and construction expertise to optimize any construction project. With their strength in the design/build area, they have evolved into a fourth generation, full-service professional organization concentrating their efforts in the financial, commercial, and residential industries. PWCampbell provides construction management, architecture, marketing, branding and merchandising, digital signage, furniture, and other services as part of their Complete Facility Solution™.

In the past, PWCampbell used BlackBerry phones and a traditional BES server. With the high costs of new hardware, backups, constant software updates, and licensing, as well as many users wanting to switch to iPhone or Android, they needed a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to deploy, secure, wipe, and manage mobile devices.

Miradore Online was initially selected because of the low total cost of ownership. PWCampbell appreciated that there were no hardware costs, no timely software upgrades and best of all, no mandatory app from the Apple store on iOS. Miradore Online could be deployed without creating an Apple ID for a new user. This was the key. After rigorous testing and internal security review, they decided to roll it out to their mobile devices.

PWCampbell has a cost-effective MDM solution which is fulfilling their requirements. Miradore has also provided great service and excellent support.


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