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UnSeen Technologies kokemuksia –sivu koostaa yhteen ne asiakaskokemukset, suositukset ja suosittelijat, jotka UnSeen Technologies on liittänyt referensseihinsä.

ReferenssiMoodmetric valitsi UnSeenin kumppanikseen

"UnSeenin kanssa työskentely on aina helppoa. Hankkeet käynnistyvät vauhdilla ja heidän asiantuntemuksena näkyy kaikessa mitä he tekevät. Tässä tapauksessa näemme suurena etuna heidän elektroniikka osaamisensa, yhdistettynä tuote- ja materiaalimuotoiluun. Olemme jälleen todella innoissamme tekemässä tätä hanketta heidän kanssaan."

-- Niina Venho

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"UnSeen has unique combination of technical, R&D and business expertise – wide scope of competence, yet deep know-how. It was easy to find the right angle to the problem to be solved. Not to mention the easy to approachability and co-operability."

-- Pasi Jalonen, Solita Agile Data Solutions

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"It was easy to get started with UnSeen. They are very professional and possess the required skillset. Our device is really small, and the development requires expertise in many areas, such as electronics, embedded systems, mechanical and materials design. We are very excited to work together with them."

-- Niina Venho, CEO at Moodmetric

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"UnSeen has solid experience in designing new products and taking them to mass production and global markets."

-- Mikko Kesti, CEO of Loupedeck

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"The risks and challenges in the product development were evaluated with UnSeen Labs. Building the prototype helped us move forward and we received a good general view on how to continue with the project,” summarizes."

-- Jyrki Mikkola, Director, Product Development and Technology at Beamex

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"With UnSeen, we are now able to optimize our logistic system in all kinds of manufacturing facilities and meet our customer’s different needs. We ensure the most reliable connectivity for our customers’ benefit."

-- Jani Tuomola, Product Manager at Cimcorp

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"UnSeen Labs found just the right solution for us. The project was carried out smoothly and intensely. UnSeen had a clear understanding of resources and time to accomplish optional solutions, and how they would affect to our business."

-- Kartila-Malmivaara, CEO at Cuppla Technology Ltd.

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"This is a new way of working in Tikkurila and we are very happy to be able to test such new methods. We are satisfied with the cooperation with UnSeen Labs and looking forward to work with them in the future."

-- Wojciech Komala, Innovation Director at Tikkurila

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