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Test Engineer

RekryilmoitusAs part of the Ponsse group, Epec is the place where you can enhance your skills and work with leading machine manufacturers. With us you get a pole position to state-of-the-art technologies, world-class customers, and a work environment that values excellence, continuous learning, and work-life balance.

Our company is looking for Test Engineer who works with cross-functional teams to complete the assigned job duties within deadlines in collaboration closely with our system design, production, quality and procurement teams.

Your key responsibilities will be participate to production tester acquisition process, evaluate testing system performance, suggest improvements and develop production processes related to testing. In R&D projects your role is to ensure DFT and robust serial production. As Test Engineer you need to maintain complete and accurate documentations for testing and review test procedures and instructions before starting testing processes. Work is flexible remote. 

You should have at least 3 years of experience from similar role and tasks. We expect that you understand the role of products testing as an important part of supply chain and have comprehensive understanding for planning and developing electronic system production testing. You need to be able to design electronic system testing for PCBA together with R&D and develop test plan and procedures for electronic systems. You are familiar with LabVIEW coding and understand and interpret drawings, schematics, technical manuals and instructions.

If you are a flexible and self-imposed team player, who is willing to do versatile and challenging tasks, you might be the person we are looking for!

Further information about Epec Oy: www.epec.fi

Applications including salary request before 2.1.2022.

Inquiries about the position from Tommi Talasmäki (Plant Manager) phone 050 373 0350.


Epec Oy is a system supplier specializing in advanced electric / electronics for efficient, safe and connected NRMM non-road mobile machines and commercial vehicles. Being close to our customers is how we continuously co-create and innovate sustainable future technology solutions that make a difference. Epec works in cooperation with leading international machine manufacturers and belongs to the Ponsse Group.

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Hakuaika: 30.11.-1 - 2.1.2022
Sijainti: Seinäjoki
Linkki: https://ura.epec.fi/jobs/1465986-test-engineer


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