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Print Media isn’t Dying, it’s Evolving to Cope with Digital Disruptions

BloggausThe media and publishing industry has changed in the past several years. The good old traditional media is going out of trend, with customers inclining more towards using digital media to consume content. Here are some examples that clearly show the effects of digital transformation in print media:

  • Newspapers are slowly declining as customers prefer getting news highlights instantly on their mobile device or web browsers.
  • Billboard ads and brochures are gradually turning into digital ads.
  • Kindle and similar e-readers are taking over books and magazines, as people prefer to read at their convenience.

This does not indicate the eradication of print, but merely shows that the changing customer behaviour is transforming the industry. To keep up with this transformation, businesses must leverage the most suitable advertising tools, mediums, and platforms that match their customer perspectives and purchase behaviours. Read on to know how!

Print vs. Digital: Do we have a clear winner yet?

Not really!

The customers of today look for highly personalized and user-centric content. But they also do not want to be burdened with content which is irrelevant and delivered to them at wrong times. Also, both traditional print media and digital media have their significant roles and purpose, with loyal audiences.

Print Media

The traditional print media is a more tangible and physical medium for people to engage with. It has a localized presence, and is much more professional, which is hard to achieve with digital media. For example, you are a sales executive and you meet your prospect in an event. Asking for the prospect’s business card and handing out your company’s brochure would be more effective than asking them “Hey, can you share your email so that I can drop you the details right away?”, or sharing your company’s social media profile. Also, well-placed banners, billboards, and other print ads can help attract more eyeballs.

Digital Media

While traditional media has certain limitations, digital media is much more interactive and engaging and gives better exposure. Digital media speaks directly to the customers, and allows them to like, comment, tweet, post, message, ask questions, etc. and give instant feedback. You can measure the success of your digital campaigns using analytics. Also, there is more scope in making digital ads more interactive and engaging by using games, contests, and surveys.

So, what should you choose? Print or digital?

There is no ideal answer to this question. The most successful advertising and promotion campaigns incorporate a mix of both media. Find out where your customers are, and use the medium that allows you to best communicate with your target group.

Gateway Digital can help you deliver the right content to the right people at the right time!

Gateway digital is a new-age technology partner serving businesses across 9 diverse industries. Our print media and publishing division understands the latest technology trends that are shaping content creation and distribution. We serve printers, publishers, broadcast companies, online content publishers, media companies, animation companies and advertising agencies across the globe.

Our print media and publishing offerings include:

  • Creative Services: ad creation for newspapers, magazines, & directories, magazine, book, & yearbook creation, newsletter design, product packaging, brochure & leaflet designing, corporate identity building, 2D/3D graphics, icons & logo designing, page design, image editing/processing, 2D/3D animations
  • Software Services: workflow solutions, CRM solutions, asset management solution, IT infrastructure management solution, mobile applications, mobile printing solution, web-to-print e-commerce solution, media assets management solution, media distribution system, advertising platforms, content publishing platform
  • Online and Social Media Services: websites and portals, flash-based videos and games, Facebook apps and games, F-commerce solution, web banners, web campaigns
  • Cross Media Services: e-zines, m-zines, e-books, dynamic reading solutions, flipbooks/ePubs, iPhone/iPad mobile solutions, mobile games

Be it print, web or digital, we do it all! With the help of our solutions, we help print media and publishers to effectively manage, maintain and automate their business workflows. Want to streamline and optimize operations of your content delivery business? Visit us at www.thegatewaydigital.com/fi or write to us at hello@gatewaydigital.fi

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