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Midagon’s digital business white paper tackles digital development in process and manufacturing industries

BloggausDigital development in process and manufacturing industries is on the move. Important advances in the ways in which companies are able to gather and utilize data and gain deeper understanding of the needs of their customers are forcing them to evolve. In the 2020’s, the focus will be on the digital transformation of the business core to enable growth, new product and service offerings and profitability. 

Our latest white paper digs in and provides you with a practical, yet comprehensive view of where the industry is headed as well as what to keep in mind when forming a digital roadmap for your organization. First, an overview is created of the trends that will mark the next few years of digital development. As the focus moves towards initiatives that aim to transform functions and processes at the business core, a much wider perspective is needed and a broader mix of areas are involved. Digital is no longer separate from the rest of the organization – it is integrated everywhere. Digital development initiatives become more and more complex, but at the same time, it is clear that this is how a real increase in customer value can be reached. 

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After this general overview, a series of four real-life cases on how large-scale digital development has already been utilized for creating business benefits, competitive advantage and improved customer experiences, is presented.   

In the first case, Jukka Kauppinen highlights the importance of fixing the foundation, before any game changing digital services can be successfully launched. Second, Ilkka von Schulman describes the process of assessing the level of data quality in a manufacturing company with a 4 sprint methodology, arguing that leading teams of data scientists to relevant findings requires some niche leadership skills. After this, Matti Ketonen shares the case and learnings of Metsä Board, where customer, supply chain and production data utilization was optimized in order to improve customer value and experience. Finally, Jarmo Hiljanen draws a picture of how a digital product development program was conducted successfully in a global manufacturing company, resulting in the recent launch of a novel digital sensor product.  

At Midagon, we are constantly monitoring the changes and best practices in digital development, in order to provide organizations with valuable insights. Enjoy the read and join the conversation! 

Download the full white paper here: How to Drive Business Value from Digital in Process and Manufacturing Industries

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