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Calling all BI enthusiasts, professionals and data fanatics: Registration open for #Qonnections

BloggausCalling all BI enthusiasts, professionals and data fanatics: 

Registration is now open for Qonnections 2017 which takes place on 15-18th of May in Orlando, Florida. 

This is the premier place where BI aficionados unite to learn, connect, get certified and show off their love of data. Unlike any other BI conference. 

Few reasons to attend: 

GET INSPIRED: Hear amazing success stories, learn about cutting-edge ideas, and leave with a renewed data-passion that you can share back at the office.


LEARN SOMETHING NEW: Join a hands-on session where you can pick up a new trick. Or walk the floor at the Discovery Expo to see cool, futuristic technologies. Wisdom will be yours for the taking. 

MAKE CONNECTIONS: Qlik Luminaries, customers, partners all in one place! Mingle at the welcome party, laugh at the appreciation night and compete against each other during the Hackathon. 

BE IN THE KNOW: What does Qlik have up its sleeve next? What’s going on with Qlik Cloud? Hear straight from Qlik executives about our product roadmaps for 2017-2018.



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