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Cinode kokemuksia

Cinode kokemuksia –sivu koostaa yhteen ne asiakaskokemukset, suositukset ja suosittelijat, jotka Cinode on liittänyt referensseihinsä.

ReferenssiFraktio valitsee Cinoden vauhdittamaan liiketoimintansa kasvua

"Cinode tarjoaa meille tavan hallita ja visualisoida sen, minkä parissa osaajamme kulloinkin työskentelevät. Jokainen voi helposti esittää taitonsa, suunnitella työnsä ja viestiä työtilanteensa muille excel-sirkuksen sijaan."

-- Joonas Pajunen

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ReferenssiKnowit digitalisoi sisäiset prosessinsa Cinoden avulla

"Yhdessä Cinoden kanssa kehitämme nyt edelleen työkalujamme, jotta tarkemmin pystymme käyttämään ja esittelemään konsernin kykyjä, jotka vahvistavat tavaramerkkiämme entisestään. Odotamme innolla, että voimme jatkaa kumppanuuden kehittämistä Cinoden kanssa"

-- Per Wallentin

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Referenssi“All information gathered in one place.”

"Cinode provides everyone access to all information fast and effortlessly – there is great potential in getting a holistic view in a common workflow."

-- Erik Fredriksson, Managing Director Sofigate Sweden

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Referenssi“Closer partner management”

"Cinode simplifies our efforts to match the right partner / subcontractor to our customers. We have received the right support system for the good network of partners we have built up."

-- Lisen Agnevik, CEO Wise Consulting Group

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Referenssi“Better control and resource management”

"We now have one competence account per consultant that we customize in order to create attractive consultant resumes for each assignment. With Cinode we are more organized and it´s easier to match skills to assignments."

-- Håkan Lindberg, Partner B3IT

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Referenssi“Having everything gathered in the cloud is unbeatable”

"With Cinode we save a lot of time and get a professional result. We can gather, search and package our consultant’s competences and match against their availability. Having everything gathered in the cloud is unbeatable."

-- Mikael Karlsson Regional manager and Co-founder, m⁴

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Referenssi“Simple and fast features that are easily accessible to everyone”

"We have expanded quickly and felt that our excel-tools now had to be replaced with a planning support adapted to our consulting business. We searched for simple and quick features, easily accessible to everyone. We found that and much more with Cinode."

-- Anders Oscarsson, General Manager TrueSec

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Referenssi“Cinode saves time!”

"Cinode streamlines our internal processes for skills and employee management, enabling us to be quicker when we present targeted resumes to our clients. This saves us a lot of time, especially for the many procurements we participate in annually. Also, clients appreciate our attractive resumes. To put it simply, Cinode has made us better."

-- Erik Björhäll, CEO System Verification

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Referenssi“Easier and more fun for everyone”

" We are very pleased with Cinode. Implementation has gone smoothly and we are already seeing results in the way we get more imaginable individuals when we staff our projects."

-- Mathias Kjellberg, COO Softronic

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Referenssi“Developing consultants skills while simultaneously acting quickly on business opportunities”

"Cinode interweaves our feeds for recruitment, skills development, and sales – and there is great potential in a holistic view. Our goal is to work long-term on developing consultants skills while simultaneously acting quickly on business opportunities. This is what Cinode enables us to do."

-- Carl Johan Bernadotte, Sales Director/Vice President Lexicon-IT Konsult

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Referenssi“It is obvious that this tool has been designed by consultants for consultants”

"Our consultants are very positive about Cinode. In particular they like how intuitive the tool is and how easy it is to get started. The easy-to-use skills search function makes it easier to find colleagues and improves the internal communication within the company. We have developed a closer collaboration with our fantastic colleagues in Denmark"

-- Thomas Schaumann, Manager Business Region Stockholm at Prevas.

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