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Web Developer, join our team!


Do you enjoy working with modern web development and cool projects? Awesome, we might have something interesting for you. 

At Druid we want to make the digital world more functional with every line of our code – with open source and an open attitude. We are now looking for developers with expertise in modern JavaScript development such as React, Vue.js, TypeScript, Next.js, Node.js...which frameworks do you prefer?

What do we offer? 

You should definitely work with us if you want to have a chill, developer-oriented work environment where you can easily maintain your work-life balance, learn and explore new things, and participate in the development of our organization. On the other hand, you can also just focus on coding – whatever suits you best.

Our company culture is based on Teal philosophy. We have taken self-organization, autonomy, freedom and flexibility to the next level compared to many other companies. We don't have a separate management, we are self-managed – the decision making responsibilities are shared and trust is placed in employees' individual and collective intelligence. Our people are encouraged to develop themselves not only as professionals, but also as human beings. 

We believe that putting our people at the heart of the company makes everyone feel at ease, committed and motivated. As we constantly want to learn and evolve, there is no fear of making mistakes. Every person's individual progress is seen as progress for the company as a whole. Together we can succeed. 

What do we require? 

Not that much. You just need to be located in Finland, have an interest and skills for modern web development and feel at home in our culture. Hopefully you have a few years of work experience as a software developer and you can speak Finnish and English. And of course we hope that you are a nice person. We are still a small work community, close to 30 people, that it's important to have supportive colleagues around us. 

Where do I sign?

Well, before signing, you might want to hear more about us? You can contact our Talent Acquisition Lead Hanna, either via phone 044-2916831, email hanna.enfelt@druid.fi or via LinkedIn.  

In case you are good to go, feel free to connect with us, send us an application or reach out in any way most suitable for you. We would like to hear from you! 

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Hakuaika: -
Remote work from anywhere in Finland or in our homebase in Helsinki
Linkki: https://careers.druid.fi/jobs/1602423-web-developer-join-our-team
Yhteydenotto: hanna.enfelt@druid.fi


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