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VAIMO Finland Oy saavutti nopeamman time-to-market ajan UpCloudin avulla

ReferenssiHow Vaimo achieved faster time to market with performance to spare.

We help companies all over the world reach commerce success. As Magento’s Global Elite Partner, we’ve delivered tailored commerce solutions to more than 400 B2B & B2C brands and merchants. We’re proud to be certified commerce experts, offering end-to-end solutions trusted by our clients. Our international team consists of over 300 specialists in offices across 15 countries.

We were looking for a more agile way to utilise IAAS for our business requirements. Specific goals included a faster process to install, enhance, modify and deploy new client systems for our clients. We spent quite many months searching for a new cloud provider that would suit our needs. During this time we ran tests on many of the popular options such as AWS, DigitalOcean and many others. In the end, UpCloud proved to outperform both on overall performance with disk and server side as well as having a clear process for building new environments.

Previous challenges
In the past, we had constant problems with TTM (Time To Market). Also, making additional changes on the whole tech stack like backups, nodes, network changes had persistent issues with less than desired support.

When we began to search for a better solution, we had a priority list of requirements. The main features we wanted were fast implementation, outstanding performance, and good support if needed.

Hosting on UpCloud
We employ UpCloud’s services extensively, it would be easier to list what we don’t use! With both development and production environments deployed on UpCloud, we have a host of cloud servers with configurations ranging from 1 to 16 cores depending on demand.

We have built our development process on top of UpCloud services. Each end client system is comprised of several nodes and databases, all having independent development, staging and production environments. Typically the staging and production systems have high-performance services.

Our services have benefited from the new solution resulting a faster time to market with the performance that is required with large eCommerce systems. We, of course, gained less work on our side to deliver new systems that released internal resources.

Compared to our previous setup, we can now focus on growing our business with a minimal effort of worrying about capacity. The server performance is also just incredible, prices bearable and UpCloud’s support is very competent.

Future plans
While our business grows rapidly, we will allocate new capacity as needed. In addition, we’re investigating managed container platform, Kubernetes, which would simplify our operations.

As a part of our future plans, we would want to see a managed persistent data stores (MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, shared NFS storage), as we would like to simplify our work regarding persistence/state management.

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