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ReferenssiHow Evermade cloudified their company infrastructure.

About Evermade
Evermade makes great websites from the first idea to final launch. We take a handcrafted approach to building websites, while still applying proven processes to ensure your project is delivered on time and budget. The end result is a beautiful, easy to use, and effective experience.

Evermade was founded in 2011 when a group of like-minded freelancers decided to join forces. We began with the passion to build visually stunning, usable, purposeful, and high-quality web services. This is the road we are on still, while our team has grown over the years to include some thirty members.

Our core business and passion are still the same, but we have built our services to encompass design, service management, and continuous development. Our customers come from all walks of life, from startups and game companies to counties and enterprises.

Previous challenges
At the start, we built our services on a variety of providers from cheap web hotels to complex AWS deployments. As our company grew, we wanted to unify our processes and centralise our services on a single provider. Web hotels could not provide us with the flexibility we require and the convoluted services at AWS proved unnecessary.

We ended up choosing UpCloud due to a number of advantages. The easy to use control panel, ability to scale servers, and simple backup options, as well as transparent pricing, great server performance, and data centres located in Finland, were some of the main reasons.

Hosting on UpCloud
The services we choose always depend on the requirements of our customers. We currently have a number of in-house developed WordPress based web services hosted on UpCloud. WordPress is our main technology platform. The majority of our services run on individual hosts that are configured and scaled as needed.

We are also hosting our development environment in UpCloud’s data centres. While web development is often done locally on workstations or local servers, our entire infrastructure is in the cloud. Every developer in our team has an identical development environment, which helps us avoid issues with common configuration differences. Our developers also have access to their teammates’ development setups which lets them easily help out each other.

Cloud-based company infrastructure has provided many benefits. For example, working remotely is a breeze since our work is not tied to any office location or even a specific computer. The latency between our company network and development environments is minimal due to having the closest data centres located in Helsinki. Although we are paying for the cloud capacity, it’s nothing compared to the savings we are able to make due to the improved efficiency.

Many of our customers have strict requirements for hosting their data within Finland. UpCloud has proven a credible and flexible Finnish provider. Thanks to the clear pricing and easy to use control panel, we can quickly scale our servers when required. Communication in case of a failure is also important to us. UpCloud has always been exemplary in communicating and handling the rare incidents.

Future plans
We are going to automate much of our server management and looking to make better use of the already existing application interfaces as well as any future implementations.

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