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How to use asset tags in equipment management?


Which type of tags would suit your needs?

There are many different label and tag types available. RFID tags, QR code tags, barcode tags and NFC tags. It is not easy to select the best technology to suit your needs. To help you select the most suitable tag type for your organization, we decided to publish this guide to asset tags. I hope that it helps you to pick the right tag type or combination of tags.


Why is it important to tag equipment?

Have you ever considered if you should tag your equipment with equipment labels or not? If this has crossed your mind even once, you should definitely start labelling and tracking assets. This is especially important if:


·      Equipment has been lost

·      Equipment moves around

·      A lot of people are using the equipment

·      There is a chance that your assets will get mixed up with other organizations’ equipment

·      You want to identify individual items and access their life cycle information easily

·      You want to track the asset usage and equipment reservations better than before

·      You want to allow people to make item-based actions, such as manage equipment maintenances, with a mobile device


Naturally, the tags alone will get you only so far. You will also need an equipment management system for tracking the asset information and logging the assets’ history data.


So, what kind of tags should you use for your equipment? Let’s take a closer look at the four most common technologies: RFID, NFC, QR codes and barcodes.

Read the whole blog on our website: The best asset tags

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