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NetSuite kokemuksia

NetSuite kokemuksia –sivu koostaa yhteen ne asiakaskokemukset, suositukset ja suosittelijat, jotka NetSuite on liittänyt referensseihinsä.

ReferenssiIntegrated NetSuite Environment Brings Efficiencies to All of MiPro Enterprise's Businesses

"Integration between NetSuite ERP and OpenAir makes it much easier to get information. We’re able to forecast, project and budget more effectively."

-- Bernadette Sprawka, Managing Partner/CFO at MIPRO Consulting

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ReferenssiTopDown Consulting Automates Financial and Reporting Operations With NetSuite

"The automated data flows between NetSuite and OpenAir create efficiencies, reduce manual data entry, and let us grow our company without adding extra staff."

-- Cheryl Power, Director of Finance at TopDown Consulting

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ReferenssiNew Leadership Reinvents Powdered Peanut Butter Business for Modern Tastes

"NetSuite has provided us with visibility that we didn’t have before and allowed us to step up our game as far as what we're able to do and the decisions to make. I feel like we have become a better company because of the data and the resources available."

-- Steven Ramage, VP Finance & Operations, PB2

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ReferenssiDouble-Digit Growth for Enjoy Life Foods is Sweet

"We’re going to be at a steady state of growth for the next several years. We think NetSuite’s going to help us compete to win."

-- Nick Alex, Former CFO, Enjoy Life Foods

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ReferenssiPremium Sports Drink Manufacturer Fuels Rapid Growth with NetSuite

"NetSuite is a great fit for a fast-growth company in the midmarket like ours."

-- Phil Chao, Director of Operations, BODYARMOR

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ReferenssiGoCardless banks on NetSuite to support international expansion

"Since implementing NetSuite, we have gone from basic accounting to conducting in-depth financial analysis. We can now report financial close faster and more accurately, quickly and easily setup new subsidiaries, and efficiently meet our stakeholders’ reporting requirements. This is incredibly valuable as we continue to expand into new markets and the best part about NetSuite is we now have a.."

-- Catherine Birkett, CFO, GoCardless

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ReferenssiWilliams-Sonoma, Inc. selects NetSuite SuiteCommerce for its multi-channel global commerce platform

"We were looking for an agile platform that enables us to handle the complexity of global multi-channel commerce and we were impressed by the capabilities of NetSuite SuiteCommerce. From both a functionality standpoint and a technology perspective, NetSuite delivered a robust solution in a tight timeline."

-- John Strain, Williams-Sonoma CIO.

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ReferenssiNetSuite Gives Big Agnes the Scalability it Needs

"There’s no question that NetSuite has facilitated our high level of growth. NetSuite allows us to get the back office out of the way so that we can focus on our core mission."

-- Chris Tamucci, Director of Operations

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ReferenssiCustomer Experience a Custom Fit for Men's Clothier Alton Lane

"NetSuite has allowed us to feel out in front of our systems as opposed to always playing catch up."

-- Peyton Jenkins, Co-founder, Alton Lane

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ReferenssiTopo Athletic Starts Company on the Right Foot with Unified Commerce Solution

"NetSuite is a robust, all-in-one system that allows us to do everything we need to simplify and optimize our business."

-- Natalie Riley, VP of Finance and Operations, Topo Athletic

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ReferenssiSustaining Growth, Miles Partnership Brings in Those with Wanderlust

"NetSuite allows us to scale up to as large as we need to go."

-- Dianne Gates, CFO, Miles Partnership

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ReferenssiKronos Doubles Down on Its Professional Services Staff with NetSuite OpenAir

"NetSuite OpenAir has enabled our Professional Services division to continue to grow with the business."

-- Susan Cyr, VP Professional Services, Kronos Incorporated

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ReferenssiAvant Powers Global Growth with NetSuite

"NetSuite gave us the agility to adapt to change and the scalability that we needed. It’s been critical to entering new markets quickly, efficiently and effectively."

-- Al Goldstein, CEO of Avant

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ReferenssiRise Against Hunger Grows its Global Impact with NetSuite

"On the finance side, NetSuite helps us keep the organization lean so we can commit more resources to our programs."

-- Roberta Sorensen, Controller, Rise Against Hunger

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ReferenssiEpec Engineered Technologies Streamlines Global Electronics Design and Manufacturing with NetSuite

"We run our entire business through NetSuite, from design to manufacturing to managing vendors in Asia. "

-- Ed McMahon, CEO, Epec Engineered Technologies

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ReferenssiSRS Acquiom Grows from Startup to Leading Provider of M&A Post-Closing Services on NetSuite

"The best thing about NetSuite is the integration of ERP and CRM coupled with its SaaS based business model and Cloud-based delivery. NetSuite’s customization capabilities allowed it to conform to our business processes while scaling with us as our business grew.” "

-- Mark Vogel, Co-CEO, SRS Acquiom

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ReferenssiAction Health Transforms Business, Accelerates Double-Digit Growth with NetSuite

"We have seen a 20% improvement to employee productivity from WMS Lite and the related process changes. We have also had an 85% improvement to our inventory accuracy measured by change in our average error rate of cycle counts which was around 3.5%, and it’s now down to 0.5%. "

-- Phil Negri, CFO, Action Health

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ReferenssiThe Need for Global Agility and Scale

"NetSuite OneWorld absolutely gives us the ability to be flexible and innovate. NetSuite has been critical in helping us to enter new markets quickly, efficiently and effectively.” "

-- Mike Macrie, Land O’Lakes CIO

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ReferenssiProvider of Popular STEM Learning Software Launches, Grows Its Business on NetSuite

"We’ve grown 121 percent in the past two years. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve that growth without NetSuite."

-- Lila Soussan, Director, Finance & Administration, Accelerate Learning

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ReferenssiAAE Travel Books Better Insights

"NetSuite OneWorld immediately appealed to us as a flexible, subscription-based solution, so we would have no concerns over having to manage local servers, backup or maintenance."

-- Chuan Jin Foo, Finance Manager, AAE Travel Pte Ltd.

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ReferenssiLucky brand moves fashion forward with NetSuite

"NetSuite’s modern, cloud-based platform has helped enable our business transformation. We’re now equipped with a highly scalable, flexible platform to streamline complex retail processes and gain complete, real-time financial and inventory visibility across the business to enable a superior omnichannel customer experience."

-- Jason Richard, Lucky Brand CIO

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ReferenssiNetSuite Helps iAutomation Merge Disparate IT Silos Into One Unified Cloud Platform

"NetSuite has taken our business to the next level by giving us total integration across the platform and a tremendous ability to mine data.” "

-- Al Morrison, Vice President—Operations

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ReferenssiFocus on Multi-facility Operators Powers Distributor’s Growth

"I’m of the opinion we’ll never be done with NetSuite. Whatever our next problem, we’ll find a solution with NetSuite."

-- Mike Starcher, VP of Technical Operations, Accuserv

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ReferenssiThe Boston Globe Improves Reporting, adds Efficiencies, Savings with NetSuite

"NetSuite has transformed our reporting and month-end close process. I can now wrap up my month-end close responsibilities from home after I put my kids to bed if necessary."

-- Dave Geary, Controller, The Boston Globe

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