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Security Specialist


RekryilmoitusAt Wapice we emphasize appropriate security in everything we produce. Our customers are world class players with increasing security requirements. We have a long history in implementing security for project domains varying from IoT solutions such as Wapice IoT-TICKET® to machine control systems and from sales tools to customer management applications. Recently we have also built a security service portfolio including assessment, consultation and coaching services.

Online connectivity is today considered a standard feature of almost all digital solutions. This together with improved public security awareness has created an increasing demand for our security services and special expertise. We are now looking for both technology oriented experts for solutions creation and testing, and consultants for running our security-centric services and processes. Your precise role description will clarify during the recruitment process based on the skills you possess. We assume candidates to have one or more expertise areas listed below:

  • Understanding of security-related theory and how the security technologies function based on it. Ability to evaluate the technologies in the intended context.
  • Experience in security-associated programming, configuration and design.
  • Security service consultant skills including abilities to identify and discuss customer’s security needs, facilitate non-technical threat modelling and create high quality service proposals.
  • Passion for secure software and hardware development processes with adequate experience for coaching others in line with a Secure Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model.
  • Versatile skillset and efficient work practices in both black and white box security testing. Ability to quickly understand source code implementations regardless the language used.

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We are looking for candidates with diverse amounts of work experience. Basic programming skills and ability to quickly learn new tools and technologies are considered mandatory. Your positive mind set and passion for continuous development are the most important things for us. For you, security is a profession, not just a checklist or a necessary burden. Technologies or concepts needed in your work will change rapidly, but being familiar with some of the following keywords we have worked with is considered an advantage.

  • Security architectures, Secure boot, TPM, PKI, VPN, Hardware Security Modules, Key management implementations, Cryptography implementations, Cloud security, Mobile application security, Web application security, Host hardening

To make a good match with rest of the troops at Wapice, you are a customer oriented person who gets inspired by new challenges and problem solving. You continuously seek opportunities for improvement and customer happiness. It is natural for you to share information with your colleagues while proactively working with your own responsibilities. We offer you a great viewpoint to software industry with professional and easy-going colleagues.

How to apply:

For more information on the application and recruitment process, please contact Wapice HR: +358 10 277 5007.

Indicate the desired location (if available) in your application. If you are a student or newly graduated, please include the latest study transcript with your CV. Your role and responsibilities will be tailored based on your experience and interests.

Please send your application including CV and salary request to email rekry@wapice.com with the subject title: Security Specialist

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Hakuaika: -
Sijainti: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa
Linkki: https://www.wapice.com/jobs/security-specialist
Yhteydenotto: rekry@wapice.com


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