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Manufacturing Engineering Manager

RekryilmoitusState-of-the-art technologies, world-class off-highway OEMs, great and helpful colleagues, easy-going and supportive atmosphere, personal and professional growth, development friendly organization, Ponsse Group colleagues… Among other things this is what you will get when working at Epec!

Epec is a heavily developing and growing technology company and now we are searching for a Manufacturing Engineering Manager. This position requires regular presence at the Seinäjoki factory, but flexible remote work is possible at Epec.

What kind of tasks?

In your position, you will lead and develop the manufacturing engineering team and be responsible of manufacturing engineering in R&D projects. You shall report to R&D project managers of the project progress and make sure it is in line with project milestones, requirements, and the project plan. The Manufacturing Engineering Manager takes care of manufacturing capability planning and technology choices, production concept development, capacity planning and the designing of optimal production flow. You will be responsible for managing the project engineering deliverables in accordance with given budget and time schedule and releasing the validated new product production process to serial production on time.

In this position, you will also coordinate the development of product testing, design, logistics planning, sourcing activities and quality assurance. As a part of the project, your team will have the responsibility of preparing required documentation, such as manufacturing cost calculations, production investments, quality assurance plans, work instructions, etc.

Why apply to Epec?

We offer you a sustainable workplace and a possibility to be a part of a growing company with several possibilities to develop and challenge yourself. At Epec we trust in people – you have the possibility to manage your own work and we offer you modern facilities and tools to work with. If you would like to work in an agile and fast-reacting organization, Epec might be a suitable workplace for you!

What we expect from you?

We expect you to have an applicable education and earlier experience in similar tasks in a manufacturing environment. We appreciate project management skills, earlier working experience with R&D projects and competence of manufacturing process automation. The ability to communicate in both English and in Finnish is essential for this position. We value a proactive and target-oriented way of working, strong technical problem solving skills and we hope you to have a great attitude toward continuous improvement!

How to proceed?

If you have any further questions, you can contact our Supply Chain Director, Eeva Koskela / +358 40 635 3827. Applications including salary request before 15.5.2023.


Epec Oy is a system supplier specializing in advanced electric / electronics for efficient, safe and connected NRMM non-road mobile machines and commercial vehicles. Being close to our customers is how we continuously co-create and innovate sustainable future technology solutions that make a difference. Epec works in cooperation with leading international machine manufacturers and belongs to the Ponsse Group.

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Hakuaika: 28.4.2023 - 15.5.2023
Sijainti: Seinäjoki
This position requires regular presence at the Seinäjoki factory, but flexible remote work is possible at Epec.
Linkki: https://ura.epec.fi/jobs/2769977-manufacturing-engineering-manager


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