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Digitalized delivery procedures save drivers time and improve customer experience

ReferenssiNeste is the world’s largest producer of renewable aviation fuel, renewable diesel and renewable raw materials for the chemical and polymer industries. They also develop chemical recycling of plastic waste to combat the plastic waste problem.

Nortal digitalized Neste’s driver’s processes, which have improved the security and reliability of Neste’s deliveries. Streamlining order and delivery information by digitalizing information sharing, Neste and their drivers are now providing their customers with faster and better quality service.


Neste’s challenge was to speed up the flow of information and at the same time ensuring its accuracy and making the drivers’ job easier.

Prior to the TOIMI solution, Neste’s drivers received printed consignment notes from the distribution terminal and manually entered the unloaded quantities. At the end of the day, the drivers brought the consignment notes back to the terminal, where the information was, once again, manually transferred into the office system. All of this manual work resulted in a delay of 2 to 4 days from unloading the cargo to sending the invoice.


Designed according to Neste’s business processes and needs, this new feature in the TOIMI system manages and controls the flow of oil products from to the end customer and the recording of freight data. This feature includes positioning systems for better route planning and navigation, which enable the drivers to provide more accurate delivery times for customers. Manual data is no longer needed, as the TOIMI system now functions with the delivery car’s equipment through in-car interfaces we created.

To implement this solution, we used MS Visual Studio 2017 premium C#, HERE map data provided by Esri, and Esri’s ArcGIS pro routing engine. The system is now in use in around 140 vehicles, making around 500 000 customer visits per year. The operational vehicle system is equipped with a 4G data connection to the office system.


This new feature in the TOIMI system speeds up delivery management significantly providing accurate up-to-date data available for the drivers. As the drivers can see open orders directly in their trucks and can therefore deliver the product left in the load to the customer who needs it. In-car interfaces eliminate human-induced keystroke errors and detailed positioning, and map data reduce the risk of delivering products to the wrong addresses. The location of the car can be continuously monitored from a GPS device. The system keeps track of the total quantity of product they have on board and enables a near real-time view of the order book. Drivers can also browse, modify and send out delivery information, freight reports or queries directly from their trucks to the admin system.

From the customer’s point of view, the digitalization of this process has improved the the security and reliability of deliveries. Streamlining order and delivery information by digitalizing information sharing, Neste Oil and their drivers are now providing their customers with faster and better quality service.

Less manual work overall

Less time spent on processing and invoicing deliveries. Deliveries are now invoiced the following night.

The manual work at the terminal was reduced and processing of delivery quantities considerably speeded up.

Faster delivery and delivery process

Improved customer service, map, address and routing data. Optimal route selection and estimating the time of arrival.

Versatile interfaces and connections to office system

The drivers’ work becomes faster and easier, because all the necessary information is available and up-to-date.


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