What are the hottest e-commerce site designs in the world?

Two passionate e-commerce craftsmen give their list of the world’s top 5 most attractive ecommerce site designs. So welcome to find fresh ideas of interesting web design and ways to do commerce online!


TOP 5 e-commerce site designs


1. Beo play

Consumer electronics


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Bang&Olufsen’s Beoplay is a web store with high quality photography combined with exciting multimedia and rich visual design. By the time you land on the homepage you notice how everything from the header to the navigation is carefully considered and works extremely smoothly.


Beoplay gives the visitor an all-encompassing user experience by offering the viewer visuals and sound to demonstrate the use of the headphones and speakers. The user appreciates as well the plain drop-down menu with product class badges.

Each product is described with individual image styles which emphasizes the uniqueness of every Bang&Olufsen product.



The site exemplifies in many ways how the future web stores are going to look like, featuring a TV-like user experience.

Surprisingly Beoplay gets minus points for unresponsive mobiledesign, but with appropriate screen size Bang&Olufsen offers user experience that legitimates their number one position at our list .



2. La Coop


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Have you ever bought cheese online? Well, maybe you should have!

The french web store ”La Coop” is dedicated to selling local food online, specializing in cheese.


Näyttökuva 2015-3-25 kello 15.03.35

The beef of La Coop are the eye-catching, huge and provocative product images that are presented on top of different colours.

Both the off-canvas menu and the shopping cart work neatly  and the pictures at the product pages travel along when scrolling down.

Näyttökuva 2015-3-25 kello 10.13.07


Some hard-core web consultants have questioned the profitability of food-ecommerce but the folks at La Coop might disagree.

La Coop has clearly a vision: Delightful site design can make you want to start cooking!



3. Bonobos

Men’s clothing


There is an interesting story behind Bonobos, a US-based web store dedicated to men’s clothing. It was founded by former Stanford business school housemates Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly while still in school with a vision to sell quality men’s wear exclusively online.


At Bonobos both the purchasing as well as the checkout process happens in the functional off-canvas menu, featuring functionality also in mobile. While adding products to your shopping cart the site allows you to continue shopping without having to return.

Näyttökuva 2015-3-25 kello 15.55.54

Customer service via online chat is offered directly on the product page. This is  a feature that should be a no-brainer especially at the clothing industry.

In addition Bonobos has physical shops called ”Guideshops” that help you find your perfect personal fit and  are supported with the electronic orders and shipping.



4. Fancy

Social eCommerce


Fancy is a social commerce site and mobile application, backed by co-founders of Twitter and Facebook. It introduces interesting and unique products from different retailer’s web stores as an aggregated showcase feed.


As creators have described, Fancy is a service that ”combines the best features of Pinterest with the traditional Amazon experience.”

Apple has reported to have shown interest in Fancy and the company has partnered with Google+, which seems like a weird choice from European perspective.



The visual user experience is something that almost any ecommerce implementation should be able to offer. But to build an effective ecosystem between sellers and buyers, that’s a mission that only few can succeed in.



5. Vagabond

Shoes and accessories

Näyttökuva 2015-3-25 kello 10.15.12

Swedish shoe fashion company Vagabond’s webstore comes in an elegant and minimal design. Built on Magento the filter tool (which is often underrated) allows you to search by color, material etc. making the shopping experience very amusing.

Näyttökuva 2015-3-25 kello 17.13.31




The product pages are functional and the 360° view allows the viewer to spin the images to see every angle of the product. Unlike in some web stores, at Vagabond’s you can access the footer from every product page.

Näyttökuva 2015-3-25 kello 16.56.45

It leaves you nothing but wonder, how do the Swedes succeed in creating strong design brands like H&M, Gina Tricot, Björn Borg and Peak Performance just to name a few.



The list of Top 5 ecommerce designs was created in an interview of Lauri Järvenpää and Henri Halmelahti, Founders of Lamia Oy.


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