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Digitalize your business processes


We design and create user-friendly applications, based on your business processes - with the low-code development platform Barium Live.

A cloud-based management system built to work with your existing systems and IT landscape.

  • Customized solutions for your business or organization
  • Reuse existing functionality and coordinate tasks between employees and departments
  • Use processes as "gap-fillers" in your current ERP-systems
  • Automate repetitive tasks or gain complete process adherence and support for manual tasks
  • Ensure that your business processes are always accessible
  • Low-code - because it is faster, cheaper and simpler
  • Flexible and scalable pricing model, and short implementation projects

Meet business requirements faster

Design, create and introduce applications in short iterations and add functionality as you go. Launch new applications in weeks and months; not years.

Consolidate and complement

We create applications in multiple functional areas, such as HR, Purchasing, Quality, IT and Finance. We complement and enhance existing systems so you avoid costly customization.

E-form management

Digitize your forms and ensure that incoming cases will be handled digitally throughout the entire process.

Integrate further

Connect your systems with Barium and create cross-functional, integrated processes. We use REST API, Web services or Barium Integration Agent.

In cooperation with Barium (www.barium.se).

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