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Development Manager, ICT Services


RekryilmoitusThe future is being created today. At Kiilto, we invest in the future every day by promoting occupational wellbeing, encouraging innovation and making our operations more and more sustainable. We are guided by the desire to be an environmental leader, using our expertise to create success stories for our customers. We are local, innovative and insightful. Would you like to add your own chapter to our hundred-year story of growth?


Our Group ICT organisation is searching for a new member to join our professional and international team. This task combines commercial and technical knowledge, and the chosen person will be responsible for extensive and diverse ICT projects in Scandinavia, Russia and Finland. You will collaborate daily with the rest of the ICT team, but also work closely with the business management. You’ll be able to chat smoothly with different role holders and also understand the logic of business and production activity. If during your career you have noticed that you are comfortable with versatile tasks and you enjoy solving challenging problems, this may be the next fascinating step in your career. The work requires travel mainly domestically and in Scandinavia, so a touch of an adventurous mind won’t do any harm. Your ideal location would be Lempäälä, Turku, Helsinki in Finland; Malmö in Sweden; or Assens in Denmark. 


If you like to know more, tell us your story and submit an application for this position:



This job could be the best fit with you if your background includes the following elements:


  • A higher university degree in a relevant subject
  • At least 5 years of senior level experience in ICT related tasks
  • Process development and/or project management
  • Excellent communication skills 
  • Technical skills : ERP systems (Our ERP systems: Epicor, iScala), system integrations, integration platforms, cloud solutions, process development experience, finance process experience
  • Previous experience from manufacturing field is an advantage


We offer you a working environment within a growing international company, a wide range of interesting duties and comprehensive induction in your tasks. We actively invest in the occupational wellbeing of our staff, for which we have been awarded the ’Finland’s Most Active Workplace’ certificate twice. We are seeking to keep our staff’s skills and knowledge up to date by organising our own training programmes. We have a non-smoking policy at Kiilto.

For further details on the position, please contact Kiilto Family CIO Henry Keihäs, +358 405199309 between 1 pm and 3 pm on 31 March or between 9 am and 10 am on 3 April. 

Please submit your application with a salary request and CV no later than 5 April 2020. 

We operate in compliance with Kiilto’s recruitment process and will treat all contacts concerning the post with absolute confidentiality. We will send video interview questions to some of the applicantsWe also ask applicants to reserve 20 or 21 April 2020 for a possible job interview.

Kiilto is a growing family-owned company from Finland, with a hundred-year history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. We develop, manufacture and market chemical industry solutions in four business areas: professional construction, industrial bonding and hygiene solutions, professional cleanliness and hygiene, and consumer business. The key principles underlying our operations are environmental leadership, localism, and commitment to the future. We employee around 1000 people, whose wellbeing and expertise are critical to our work on behalf of our customers. See our website for more information about Kiilto.

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Hakuaika: 20.3.2020 - 19.4.2020
Sijainti: Helsinki, Turku
Turku or Helsinki in Finland; Malmö in Sweden; or Assens in Denmark
Linkki: https://rekrytointi.com/avoimet-tyopaikat/kiilto/development-manager-ict-services/814532/


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