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Additional Data Services Engineer (Based in Germany)


RekryilmoitusAdditional Data Services Engineer (Based in Germany)


This position will be in the Additional Data Services (ADS) Team, within EUMETSAT’s Real-time services and System Operations (RSO) Division, which is in the Operations and Services to Users Department. The ADS Team is responsible for maintaining several important services related to getting critical additional and third party data to users in a complete and timely manner.

One of these critical services is EUMETSATs Data Collection Service (DCS). The DCS supports the transmission of environmental data from the Data Collection Platforms (DCP) to the Meteosat satellite, the immediate relay of data to the ground station, and the subsequent basic processing and onward transmission of selected data to the users. The type of environmental data depends on the category of the installation (DCP) including automatic weather stations, hydro-meteorological stations, ocean buoys, tsunami tide gauges and ships. These data are crucial for feeding near-real time observational data into numerical weather prediction models, from sparsely inhabited parts of the world. They are also critical for ensuring forecasters and emergency responders across the world have the in-situ observational information they need to issue life-saving warnings related to weather and ocean disasters, such as tropical cyclones and tsunamis.

As part of EUMETSAT’s commitment to operating and developing this critical service, we are looking to recruit a talented engineer to join the ADS Team to ensure that the quality of service is maintained for our wide and varied user base. As a member of the ADS team, you will develop your knowledge of the DCS and will become the main technical focal point for the DCS, with the rest of the team also cross-trained to support you. You will lead the engineering activities to deliver this service and guide its evolution in line with the user requirements and in line with the strategic direction of EUMETSAT and also in coordination with other international satellite agencies also operating similar Data Collection Services. You will also have the opportunity to cross-train in other additional data and third party services that are under the responsibility of the ADS Team, such as the EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service (EARS).


  • Manage the day-to-day operations and related interfaces of the DCS;
  • Raise Anomaly Reports and lead trouble shooting diagnostics related to the DCS and its related ground infrastructure;
  • Lead activities related to the further development of the DCS, including the Platform itself, the Ground Stations systems, Data Processing systems and Data Access mechanisms;
  • Participate in the validation of new or upgraded DCS-related systems, in particular for the Meteosat Third Generation satellites;
  • Take leading role in the scheduling of all DCS-related maintenance and upgrades;
  • Provide expert information on the DCS to EUMETSAT’s partners and users;
  • Lead activities to promote the use of DCS and increase uptake of the service;
  • Participate in the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites on DCS topics;
  • Develop documentation and provide training for the DCS;
  • Provide support to the other additional and third party data services under the responsibility of the ADS Team. 



  • Experience with high-availability, mission-critical systems, including 24×7 operations;
  • Experience in operations of high-volume data services with a particular focus on the end-to-end service approach, ensuring distributed data meets user requirements;
  • Experience in system development, integration and testing;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with experience negotiating and managing relationships with internal and external customers/stakeholders;
  • A proactive working style with ability to take the initiative on tasks and projects.


  • Experience in working in a discipline related to data collection;
  • Experience working in a space related industry;
  • An eye for detail, balanced by the ability to maintain a systems-level perspective on the bigger picture.


  • University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline (eg Engineering)


  • Excellent salary, of up to Euro 7,500 / month NET (after tax and deductions) based on skills and experience
  • Flexible working time including additional flexi-leave
  • Full medical coverage for employee and family
  • Attractive final salary pension
  • 30 days of annual leave + 14.5 days public holidays
  • Training and development support
  • Relocation allowance and support (if applicable)

EUMETSAT is an international organisation employing staff from across all 30 member states and this role is being advertised on multiple international job boards, but please note that this role would be based in Darmstadt, Germany and would require international applicants to relocate if successful.

This role is rooted in the mission of EUMETSAT and will provide the opportunity to work with leading IT, Space and Earth Observation organisations and domain experts to make a positive impact on society!

Please apply by 6th of May 2024 by clicking the Apply button.


Eumetsat - monitoring weather and climate from space

EUMETSAT is Europe’s meteorological satellite agency, operating satellites that monitor the weather and climate from space - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Hakuaika: 4.4.2024 - 6.5.2024
The position is based in Darmstadt, Germany.
Linkki: https://laura.fi/avoimet-tyopaikat/eumetsat-monitoring-weather-and-climate-from-space/additional-data-services-engineer-based-in-germany/2808385/


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