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Nordic Digital Business Summit 22.9.2016, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

14.9.2016 - ite wiki - Data centers

NDBS brings together Data Centers & Cloud as well as IoT & Digitalisation players on 22.9.2016 at Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

HELSINKI, FINLAND — Now in its third year, the Nordic Digital Business Summit on 22 September will gather over 600 top-tier Nordic delegates and global thought leaders to facilitate exchange of innovative dialogues and explore the very latest in data center and cloud technologies. 50 exhibitors, 20 startups and 60 prominent speakers coming from 15 countries will be gathered all in one place. General registration is open at www.ndbsevents.com/register.

The one-day industry event encompasses an impressive lineup of speakers, including an opening presentation by Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs, Mr Olli Rehn. Dr Alonso Vera, Chief of the Human Systems Integration Division at NASA’s Ames Research Center, will speak about his work in True Human-Autonomy Teaming. Additional speakers include Mr Esa Jokioinen, Head of Blue Ocean Team at Rolls-Royce, Jonathan Leppard, COO at Future Facilities Ltd and Net Jacobson, Co-Founder and General Partner at SparkLabs.

Tero Tuononen, CIO at CSC – IT Center for Science, who attended last year’s conference, acknowledged its success, saying “I guess it’s a sign of an excellent networking event when, during the day, you do not have time to sit down and follow even a single presentation. Lots of talk and interesting contacts.”

This year, the Nordic Digital Business Summit will stimulate the minds of Nordic industry leaders with a wide scope of technology talks focusing on Data Centers, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things and Digitalisation in Helsinki’s old Cable Factory, Kaapelitehdas, where modern technology meets traditional industry in an event unlike any other.

Large-scale data center and cloud investments in the Nordics, funded by international companies such as Google and Yandex, are evidence of a palpable competitive advantage. The region has blossomed with its wealth of green energy and skilled IT talents — among many other existing strengths. As the leading event of its kind in Finland, NDBS is aimed to raise the profile of the Nordics as a world-famous digital innovation hotbed. A mix of prominent companies, SMEs and innovative startups gather in Helsinki as one functioning ecosystem to explore new data-driven and cloud demands, confront challenges and identify investment opportunities.

Featuring 4 seminar halls and 2 exhibition areas, the event invites guests to immerse themselves in the captivating talks of Data Centers & Cloud in one area, and explore the IoT & Digitalisation zone in another.

At NDBS in 2015, over 600 delegates from 15 countries came together. The conference fostered international investments across the Nordics and the globe, from profitable smaller transactions to noteworthy corporate deals in the hundreds of thousands of euros. The NDBS foresees and awaits continued reports of remarkable business agreements taking place this year.



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