DIGITICE Finland, the Finnish National Data Center and Digital Business Cluster was officially launched in the beginning of 2015. We met the Cluster Director Carl Wideman and asked what DIGITICE Finland is all about and what the Finnish IT sector needs to do to keep up with the global IT market.

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How was DIGITICE Finland born?

Well, `Born`is a good word to describe the day that DIGITICE became alive, after four years working on a regional data center eco-system, the team administering the cluster wanted to ensure that lessons learnt were carried forwards to cement the huge global interest in the Nordic Data Center proposition (Infra ; such as power, land and connectivity) with growth in more employment yielding activities (Platforms, Software and knowledge intensive business areas) for which Finland has significant expertise.

The “Birth” was then based upon financing decisions in the public and private sector to support this vendor and location neutral approach. In September 2014 the pre-launch of DIGITICE was rolled out and in January 2015, the formal membership was opened.


What is the aim of DIGITICE Finland?

To assist our members to do more business ! Riding on the wave of global interest in the Nordic Data Center growth. How? By tacitly connecting all parts of the the IT value chain and applying cross pollination.


What kind of activities DIGITICE Finland is taking to achieve these aims?

Among other more specific tasks the cluster is offering member services in the fields of ; Marketing & PR, Lead Generation, R&D, Projects & Access To Capital,Training & Qualification, FDI & Lobbying,Quality Management & Certification, Facilitation Services, Networks.


What are the biggest challenges that slow down exporting of Finnish digital expertise and services?

One of the most significant challenges is the ‘compartmentalisation’ of the Finnish offering. Indeed there is global level specialisation expertise, but too often it is difficult to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and make it easy to buy.

In an increasingly complex market, the victors make their products and solutions part of packaged solutions.




Can you name some example success stories about Finnish IT company reaching global customers.

I believe we are all aware of the recent success stories in gaming, but there are a lot of potential in other areas as well. Especially in the various fields of IT, the players are nowadays more connected to global markets than ever before and it seems that international customers have become more of a rule than an exception if you are willing to grow your business.


What the Finnish IT companies should do to create more of these success stories?

You can’t underestimate the meaning of hard work and dedication but with demand-driven approach your chances to succeed will be significantly improved. In order to provide a solution, you have to understand the need first.

To meet the needs, DIGITICE Finland is bringing together different competencies to strengthen and create a more consistent offering with new business opportunities.


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IT infrastructure service providers Herman IT and Ebsolut at the Nordic Digital Business Summit 2014 in Helsinki.


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