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PollenTech accelerates time to revenue for IoT silicon vendors and end product manufacturers (OEM/ODM) by providing a comprehensive set of embedded software services.

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Leveraging years of experience in the cellular market, we will develop and/or optimize for low power, secure and robust operation. We specialize in IC platform transitions, device driver development and wireless stack design from the PHY to the app layer across the most popular MCU and WMCU platforms. On-time delivery, excellent communication and highly competitive rates makes our team of developers the ideal partner to get your IoT project to market and to revenue in the shortest time possible.
Located in Oulu, Finland, PollenTech consists of software experts with an average of 15 years experience in the field. We specialize in highly constrained embedded designs that require low power, a small memory footprint and minimal CPU cycles.
Työntekijöitä 5
Y-tunnus 2652687-9
Perustettu 2014
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Puh +358405524674
E-mail info@pollentech.io

Toimipaikat     Oulu


Liiketoimintaprosessi: Projektinhallinta, Tuotekehitys ja suunnittelu

Erikoisosaaminen: IoT, Mobiilikehitys, Ohjelmistokehitys, Integraatiot


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Omat tagit: PollenTech, IoT, sensor, Microcontroller

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We are experts in Embedded Systems. We understand how to successfully develop robust and efficient code that must operate within limited memory space, restricted performance capabilities and in real time.

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