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Second-level support on media logistics system

TarjouspyyntöHankintailmoitus: Yleisradio Oy

Tarjoukset 02.05.2019 klo 12.00 mennessä

Yle procured a media logistic solution (TransMedia Dynamics’s Mediaflex®-UMS) during late 2018. The solution includes Graymeta Iris Player that is integrated to Mediaflex®-UMS. The implementation project for the new solution will start during 2019. With this call for tenders, Yle is procuring second-level support, maintenance and development services for the new media logistic solution (Mediaflex®-UMS) and its integrations. The services may also be extended to other solutions used in media logistics. It is mandatory for tenderers to offer the service also for Telestream Vantage and Interra Baton Enterprise. The services are commenced when the first implementation project phase completes. The scope of the services will then gradually increase after each of the subsequent implementation project phases. Yle may require the chosen service provider to also take an assisting role in the implementation project.