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Procurement, Installation and Maintenance of Automated Border Control System with Self-Service Systems and e-Gates.

TarjouspyyntöHankintailmoitus puolustus- ja turvallisuusalalla tehdyistä hankintasopimuksista:
The Finnish Border Guard 

Osallistumishakemukset 24.8.2018 klo 16.00 mennessä

Procurement, installation and maintenance of an automated and machine assisted border control concept comprising sef-service kiosks, e-Gates and supporting components of manual border checks.

The procurement and deployment will be divided in the following steps:

- Installation of 50 e-Gates during 2019,

- Installation of self-service kiosks and manual control devices during 2020,

- Definition and deployment of new workflows during 2020.

Installation of the e-Gates will comprise deployment of existing workflows for EU- and TCN citizens in the existing infrastructure, including the usage of web-services. At the final stage all the devices and manual booths are required to function as one integrated concept, including 1:1 and 1:n facial verfication/identification.