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TarjouspyyntöKansallinen hankintailmoitus: Helsingin Seudun Liikenne - kuntayhtymä

Tarjoukset 27.8.2018 klo 14.00 mennessä

HSL is looking to procure a messaging and marketing automation platform to serve as an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and automating messages and campaigns across HSL's digital channels. The main goals are to personalize and optimize communication with HSL customers and increase engagement along the customer lifecycle. In addition to automated messaging, HSL also needs to send single one-off messages to large portions of their audience. The platform should be delivered as a web-based service to HSL, requiring no maintenance on behalf of the buyer apart from the integrations performed by HSL. The service will be used to communicate with a potential user base of over a million people, and this audience is growing continuously. In many cases the service will need to deal with duplicate contact entries that should be merged once a common denominator (such as e-mail or phone number) can be determined. Integrating the service with other external and internal systems should be flexible, supporting a wide range of incoming data like messages, triggering events and profile data as well as outgoing data like messages and events to other systems. Furthermore, a wide range of SDK's and libraries are needed in order to quickly adopt the service in new and existing customer-facing digital services. The service should be under continuous development, and new features should become available as market trends emerge.

HSL is a contracting authority governed by the Act on Public Contracts by Contracting Authorities in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors (Act on public contracts in special sectors 1398/2016). Because the estimated value of this procurement is below the EU threshold specified in Section 13 of the Act on Public Contracts in Special Sectors, the Act shall not apply to this procurement. However, general legal principles of public procurement shall apply.


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