Make Your Business More Scalable By Embracing Digitalization

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Tidal Wave of New Service Providers 

Netflix, Uber, PayPal, Kickstarter, Dropbox, Spotify, Pinterest, Facebook…

What do they have in common? Each of them have managed to serve an absurd amount of customers with unthinkably small teams of employees.

Airbnb is already worth half of the giant of hotel industry, Hilton. With only 600 employees they can provide 500 thousand rooms to the market without investing anything to real estate. On the other hand, Hilton needs third of a million employees in order to operate their 680,000 -room capacity.

While we have all realized the ongoing transformation to Digital Era, and watched the rise of tsunami – scale wave of modern service providers, the utilization of the possibilities brought to us by technology has still been slow progress in traditional companies.

How long did it take for Spotify to grow to become a global baller? All of the major new service providers have found ways to scale their business effortlessly.

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