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Futurice kokemuksia

Futurice kokemuksia –sivu koostaa yhteen ne asiakaskokemukset, suositukset ja suosittelijat, jotka Futurice Oy on liittänyt referensseihinsä.

ReferenssiBusiness, tech and UX design for FRIDAY

"The team really enjoyed working with Futurice. They’re very solution-oriented and together we became one team working together on one product vision. We both learned a lot working together and they helped our company’s culture evolve."

-- Lukas Jaworski, Marketing and Communications, FRIDAY

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ReferenssiPlan International - Open innovation for social good

"Futurice helped us to embrace a human-centred approach to product development. This will be essential if we are to realise the vision for OpenCRVS; to ensure that all individuals on the planet are recognised, protected and provided for from birth"

-- Edward Duffus, Head of Innovation, Plan International

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ReferenssiSmartum - Co-creating new SmartumPay mobile payment concept

"We wanted to reform the way we work at Smartum. This was the whole idea behind the collaboration with Futurice. Futurice’s LSC method helped us define our initial business problem and led us to come up with a solution to it. Having external facilitators was extremely valuable."

-- Ilkka Auer, Chief Digital Officer, Smartum

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Referenssi8fit - Sprinting towards the future of well-being

"Futurice’s team approached their job with flexibility, focus, commitment and, above all, great compassion. They helped us keep moving forward through a period of significant changes in our organisation."

-- Lisette Fabian, Interim-CEO, VP of Product and Engineering, 8fit

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ReferenssiTaking SAS’ EuroBonus Digital Experience to New Heights

"Futurice is a true partner in digital transformation, both in delivering high-quality digital solutions but also in setting up modern and efficient ways-of-working."

-- Maria Andersson, Head of Digital Development & Customer Interaction, SAS EuroBonus

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ReferenssiHalebop - Co-creating a visual brand identity born from the digital customer experience

"We needed to take the next step in our visual evolution - Futurice said “hold my beer!”, and guided us through a process of matching our brand purpose and personality to our business needs and customer preferences. Futurice’s agility and attentiveness was a snug fit with our collaborative way of working and was key to birthing a highly successful digitally-sprung visual identity."

-- Sebastian Prosser, Brand Manager, Halebop

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ReferenssiFortum Apollo - Environmentally and economically more efficient hydropower production

"I am very pleased with the Apollo system we have created. The mid-term horizon hydropower forecasts and pricing of water have a notably better quality. The automated process significantly reduces the risk of human error and users have much more time to analyse the results and make more kinds of different analyses. Apollo's user interface is very visual but also simplified. Users are able to get.."

-- Tuomas Pyykkönen, Product Owner, Fortum

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ReferenssiFinavia/Finnair - Face Recognition

"Futurice successfully managed Finavia’s proof of concept for identifying airline priority customers with biometrics using very simple simple hardware kit with some of the shelf algorithm fine-tuned by their crew. After this they facilitated a series of workshops with different airport ecosystem stakeholders to map out the current situation and the end goals for biometric enabled access control.."

-- Matti Lehto, Head of Ops Digitalization, Finavia

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ReferenssiOmaPosti – simplify your everyday

"OmaPosti is truly at the core in Posti's massive digital transformation. Futurice has played a key role in OmaPosti's development and has contributed significant expertise and knowledge with regard to both design and technology."

-- Timo Korander, Head of Consumer Services, Parcel and eCommerce

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ReferenssiHelsinki Marketing - The world’s first online service helping people make better choices

"Futurice is an internationally successful pioneer in its field, but at the same time, it has retained a humble and listening culture. It was especially important to us for the design to seamlessly integrate with technical production, and for the level of ambition to be maintained from start to finish. Futurice's ability to manage a challenging and multidimensional entity on a tight timetable and.."

-- Tia Hallanoro, Director, Brand Communications & Digital Development, Helsinki Marketing

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