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Webinar: The Key Ingredients to Holding Your Audience’s Attention

10.06.2020 Webinaari

TapahtumaTIVIA is organizing a webinar to illuminate the key ingredients to hold your audience’s attention. So often we focus on the content of the presentation, pitch, or negotiation, overlooking the fact that how we present the material is as (if not more) important as what we present. In this webinar, Miller Communication Consulting CEO Scott Miller shares the core ingredients of his pitch, presentation, and negotiation training system: The Attention Diagram.

Webinar: The Key Ingredients to Holding Your Audience’s Attention

  • Wednesday 10 June 2020
  • 14:00–15:00 local time (GMT +03:00)
  • The webinar is free of charge but requires registration in advance
  • Register here

This webinar is open to everyone. Join TIVIA now and secure your place in TIVIA’s forthcoming events!

Expert and instructor of the webinar

With four decades of experience as a coach and teacher, Scott Miller developed the mVm®, a revolutionary communication method not only grounded in decades of field research at New York University (NYU), but also incorporating data from the latest neuroscientific research on memory, linguistics, and cognition carried out by world-renowned institutions like NYU’s Department of Psychology & Neural Science. A visionary and long-time investigator of human behavior, his primary focus is coaching global leaders to effectively communicate and fulfill their mission.

Scott has been received in corporations, law firms, film sets, recording studios, theatres, and workshops around the world, and has trained groups, teams, and individuals from over fifty countries. In 2018, Scott coached 13 U.S. Congressional candidates running in districts held by the opposing party; 12 of the 13 candidates won. His work is geared toward those who seek to discover, embody, and sustain peak performance in their chosen lives.

Scott Miller has trained individuals and executives from institutions such as Facebook, Netflix, Bloomberg, Bank of America, and the European Union.


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Päivämäärä: 10.06.2020
Tyyppi: Webinaari
Lisätty: 27.5.2020

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