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Sales training workshop for IT

10.03.2020 Helsinki

TapahtumaHave you ever been overwhelmed “I have so much to do, I just don’t have time to do sales”?

Have you ever felt “It’s just so uncomfortable to make sales calls”?

Have you ever been frustrated “why no one is recommending me?”, “Why there are no leads coming in?”

Have you ever felt “they need it, why don’t they buy?”

How does it make you feel hearing answers like “I need to think about it?”, “I need to speak with someone about it”.

If you can relate then this workshop is for you. Also sales team leaders and salespeople are welcome. You will learn:

  • Time Management Strategies
  • How to make sure, that sales activity is being done, when there is so much to do.
  • Lead generation
  • How to generate referrals from every single meeting?
  • Qualifying Correctly and Asking Better Questions
  • How to prevent “I want to think about it”, “I need to talk with somebody”.
  • How to ask questions the way, that potential customer wants to buy from you before you have ever done presentation yet.
  • How to create sense of urgency and shorten sales cycle?

PS! Workshop is in English


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Päivämäärä: 10.03.2020
Kaupunki: Helsinki
Paikka: TBA
Lisätty: 5.2.2020

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