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Verification Experts of Embedded Systems

RekryilmoitusAt Wapice we have been developing complex industrial embedded systems for about twenty years. Quality and reliability of the developed systems have always been at the center of our work and thus software verification is one of our core competencies.

Our uncompromising software verification mindset ensures that our work meets the strict requirements set for industrial embedded systems. By thorough verification activities opportunities for improvements are identified and constructive suggestions made to guarantee fluent performance of our solutions.

Verification is started at an early stage in a project with planning activities and later continued by development and execution. Also, the maintenance and improvement of used test frameworks are essential tasks in the professional verification work. In our work we aim for continuous improvement in order to make the verification procedure more efficient, reliable and fun.

We offer you a unique possibility to join into one of our embedded system design teams as software verification expert. You work in close cooperation with both developers and other verification experts. You like to take responsibility for completing independently your assignments and above all you have genuine passion for ensuring the quality of the delivered products.

Genuine passion for software verification being the number one requirement for the position, previous experience or knowledge on the development of test cases for device firmware including both automated and manual test cases help you to integrate smoothly into your role.

Preferably you also have basic skills in some of the following areas:



Robot Framework

CI systems

Communications protocols



Measurement equipment (oscilloscopes, etc.)

Functional safety (IEC 61508 etc.)

How to apply

For more information please contact our HR Director, who is best available in the mornings between 8:30-9:30. Kati Korolainen-Kujala HR Director, +358 10 277 5146.

Indicate the desired location (if available) in your application. If you are a student or newly graduated, please include the latest study transcript with your CV. Your role and responsibilities will be tailored based on your experience and interests.

Please send your application including CV and salary request to email rekry@wapice.com with the subject title: Verification Experts of Embedded Systems

Additional info

Tell us about your competence on embedded systems’ verification and motivation to develop it further.

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Sijainti: Hyvinkää, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Vaasa
Linkki: https://www.wapice.com/fi/tyopaikat/verification-experts-of-embedded-systems
Yhteydenotto: rekry@wapice.com


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