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Talent Acquisition Accelerator


RekryilmoitusHi there you talent acquisition pro! We have a free seat in the shuttle waiting for you to take our recruitment to new heights. Our recruitment isn’t broken by any means, but we do need someone to take ownership of the process, develop our talent acquisition further and last but not the least, be the one that finds, nurtures and helps us onboard future Rocket Scientists aka skilled software developers and architects.

Your role

Our focus is on experienced developers and architects which probably already tells you that this is far from traditional recruiting where you post a job ad and receive tens of applications to go through. Our target audience has lots of good employers to pick from and your job would be to find the candidates that would be the best add to us and to our customers. And of course to help them figure out how to make Rakettitiede their best career option.

This is a new position, so you'll be fleshing out the details yourself to manage. Your role would probably look like this:

  • Screening inbound applications, communicating with candidates and organising the next steps making sure everyone in the process knows how and when things proceed.
  • Sourcing and communicating with potential new hires.
  • Interviewing candidates together with our technical people.
  • Building and nurturing our talent pool.
  • Developing our recruitment process further.
  • Helping salespeople to match people with customer needs.
  • Developing our employer branding further. This isn’t solely your responsibility, you’ll do it together w/ our Marketing Commander Elina and Rocket Accelerator Iida and your role here depends on your starting level. We hope to see you grow professionally in this one if you are not yet advanced. So the interest towards EB must exist.

Skills for success

You have 10+ Rocket Scientist (technical people) supporting you along the way so technical background isn’t a must. What are the musts then? We believe you’ll have the best chance to thrive if:

  • You have a track record from the software industry OR from recruitment of some other hard-to-get group of professionals.
  • You have a sharp eye for talent after you have learnt what we are looking for.
  • You have the ability and interest to understand our target audience, both active and passive potential candidates.
  • You enjoy communicating with both potential and not so potential hires and people participating in the process. We want to be kind to all who made the effort to apply, also when they aren’t the greatest fit for us, or we´re not the greatest fit for them.
  • You are a knacky organiser and can handle many strings in your hands at the same time.
  • You speak and write fluent Finnish and excellent English.
  • You are fearless in taking responsibility and don’t need anyone to hold your hand after the onboarding period.

We are currently using TeamTailor as our ATS but it is quite intuitive and easy to use so no prior experience of that is needed.


After the first six months when we look back we would love to be able to say that thanks to you:

  • Our response time has gotten way better.
  • Our time to hire has gotten way quicker.
  • Our candidate experience has improved from good to excellent.
  • You’ve helped us onboard 5 new Rocket Scientists and looks like you will help us onboard many many more within the next 6 months.
  • You’ve started to improve the way we nurture our talent pool.
  • You’ve recognised the things we need to focus on in developing our talent acquisition to meet our business goals and taken the initiatives to push those things further.
  • All participating in our recruitment process can say that you know what you are doing, they feel safe with you and it’s a pleasure to have you with us (even though it might hurt from time to time).

You will have a huge impact on our growth, we hope. So probably this suits best someone who sees the big picture, is able to understand our business goals and keep the focus on things that take us there. It is easy to get distracted by ideas that might be fun to execute but are, well, more fun than effective. And after saying that, have to add that we know no one is 100% effective all the time. But it is good to keep in mind that there is always more work to be done than time and brain capacity, so it’s better to work smart with the time and capacity you have.

What’s in it for You?

It is stated in our ownership strategy that we hope everybody would be better after working with Rakettitiede, both professionally and financially. Before the “after” we are surely offering you plenty of freedom with responsibility, an ambitious yet relaxed atmosphere, a work environment where questioning the status quo is more appreciated than doing things as we always have. In this role you can see your results in many ways: in satisfied Rocket Scientists, in customer feedback and under the line. As a smallish company we cannot offer you extensive career opportunities but we intend to grow and growth might bring those on later.

What is it like to work with us?

We have neither the ability nor the interest to micromanage anyone so you are free to decide how you do your job as long as the process is smooth and pleasant from both candidate and interviewer point of view, and the results are seen in growing business and happy Rocket Scientists. 

We are a laid back but also an ambitious group of seasoned professionals. With us, getting things done is more important than looking busy and important. We are also straightforward and our sense of humour is as black as Finnish November. You definitely have to enjoy (or at least bear) sarcasm in order to like working with us. But it is also good to know that there are nice, helpful and compassionate people under the sarcastic faces, ready to help you in your endeavours. Rakettitiede is a place of work where you can be you and everyone is treated equally and with respect.

Salary and perks 

Your salary will be something around 4 200 €/month + a yearly bonus. We have extensive healthcare, lunch, phone and internet benefits and it is possible to become a shareholder too. We like to pay a fair salary and let people decide for themselves how to use their money and free time. We don’t have a huge, fancy office equipped with a play area and a bar. (But hey, our office is located downtown at least). It’s more of an exception nowadays if someone works from the office, so we hope you are the type of person who won’t get depressed if there isn’t a constant live buzz around you cause that is something we cannot promise. BUT there is quite a buzz in our Slack, which is our main communication channel as people are scattered all over the metropolitan area even in normal, virus free circumstances.

What’s next

Feel free to apply as you wish, this isn’t an application beauty contest, it’s about finding the right person. But there’s one tip to get us excited: we’d love to hear/read concrete examples about the must haves. Telling us you are something is nice but proving it with examples is even nicer.

Want to know more? Book a slot from Iida via this link so you’ll get her full attention when you reach out. 

Looking forward to hearing from you 29.11.2020 latest!

Apply now via this link >

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Hakuaika: 6.11.2020 - 29.11.2020
Sijainti: Helsinki
Linkki: https://careers.rakettitiede.com/jobs/991279-talent-acquisition-accelerator
Yhteydenotto: iida@rakettitiede.com


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