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Software Engineer, Platform


RekryilmoitusVaimo, a digital commerce agency working with Adobe Commerce and Adobe Experience Cloud platforms is looking for a Software Engineer to join our Platform Engineering team.

We are a diverse and skilled team with members in four different locations: Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Ukraine. Our clients are Vaimo’s development teams.

We are open to people from varied backgrounds. If you are a system administrator who wants to take a step into software engineering, a software developer who wants to enter the Kubernetes world, or an infrastructure engineer who knows they would thrive in a product oriented platform team to make a difference in the organisation, we would love to hear from you!

What we do:

  • We do Engineering - we maintain and develop our in-house PaaS (Platform as a Service) that is based on Kubernetes
  • We do Support - we support and assist development teams in using the platform
  • We do Consulting - we consult clients and project teams in the cloud infrastructure

Skills & Requirements

All below skills are relevant in our work, but we are interested your individual mix of these competencies:

- Background in software development

- Ability to design and implement software for internal systems, tools, automations and self-service applications

- Commitment to engineering culture, attention to details, independence and readiness to work closely with our clients to support and consult

- Prior engagement in developing and operating internal systems software such as:

  • Self-service portals
  • CI / CD pipelines
  • Software templates, tools, automations etc.

- Prior experience with Kubernetes is a plus

- You can reside in cities where we have existing presence: Oulu, Tallinn, Stockholm and Kiev. Or you can work remote, preferable within European Economic Area or UK.

What We Offer

A team with a lot of flexibility, initiative and opportunities to experiment with technologies. You can help us to:

  • Enhance our Magento 2 Kubernetes operator that is written in Go
  • Build time series data processing pipeline using TimescaleDB (Postgres), Promscale and Prometheus that generates our invoicing dataset
  • Develop automations using Argo Workflows and Events
  • Develop our self-service portal based on Backstage and NodeJS

A friendly environment within the team and in the organisation. Vaimo’s strong culture is characterized by openness, teamwork, excellence and having fun striving towards our goals.

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Hakuaika: -
You can reside in cities where we have existing presence: Oulu, Tallinn, Stockholm and Kiev. Or you can work remote, preferable within European Economic Area or UK.
Linkki: https://emp.jobylon.com/jobs/97088-vaimo-software-engineer-platform/
Yhteydenotto: paavo.pokkinen@vaimo.com


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