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Software Developer for integrations


Wanted: a Software Developer for integrations  

Answer our questions and see whether you’d be a good fit for our Software Developer role. 

Our questions

1. Have you learned a programming language and used it in working life in recent years?

2. Do you have more experience in the back end than on the front end, and do databases interest you?

3. Can you produce a technical implementation based on customer specifications?

4. Are you able to think logically and see the big picture?

5. Do you enjoy solving technical challenges of different customers and dare to challenge them? Then, you should have pride in your professional abilities.

Frends and technology 

Our specialty is our own integration platform Frends, which we often use in our projects. Frends solves the digitalization challenges of both global and smaller customers and in both private and public sectors in various industries. 

Frends is a Finnish, low-code, hybrid integration platform with its roots spanning back three decades. So the product is not in its very early stages and certainly not stuck in the 90's - it has been and is constantly being developed by our own R&D team. The latest incarnation of the product uses modern technologies and cloud services. 

Check out Frends and learn more about it from our blog.

In our work, you will get to use also Azure's various technologies, such as Machine Learning and Data Factory. The magic words for success are REST, JSON, XML, XSLT, and SQL. In addition, knowledge of API architectures, API Management, GraphQL, and LINQ are things we value - which you’ll also get to learn.

Integration teams

We have more than 130 experts, of whom more than 60 work in our small consulting teams. The teams include Developers, Architects, Service Managers, and Project Managers. Some developers are completely focused on development work, while others also take care of planning, training, or sales support. 

We listen to our employees and strive to shape the role and career path to everyone’s liking. Check out more about the role from our blog.

We offer

  • competitive salary
  • the opportunity to further develop and expand your skills
  • flexible working times and locations
  • an employer who supports in various life situations
  • safe and stable workplace
  • skilled co-workers and a supporting supervisor and team
  • low hierarchy and flexible and relaxed organizational culture
  • comprehensive personnel benefits (e.g., learning platforms, self-development days, extensive occupational health care and health insurance, lunch benefit, sport & cultural benefit vouchers, cultural and sports club, sick child care benefit)

Interested to join us? 

If this piqued your interest, we hope you will contact us via the application form or by emailing Aino: aino.pulkkanen@frends.com

Other related to the job

  • The interviews will be held in August.
  • The start is flexible during Autumn according to your situation. 
  • Please note that this role requires fluent Finnish.

Learn more about us from our blogs.

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Hakuaika: -
Linkki: https://careers.frends.com/jobs/1214876-software-developer
Yhteydenotto: aino.pulkkanen@frends.com


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