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Service Owner


RekryilmoitusCSC - IT Center for Science is a non-profit company owned by the Finnish state and higher education institutions. Our 550 staff members provide internationally high-quality ICT expert services for the Finnish research, culture and administration and contribute significantly to the European infrastructures (such as ELIXIR). CSC headquarters is located near Helsinki and our world-class data center is based in Kajaani.

CSC provides sensitive data management services for example on human genomes and health data consented for research purpose. We work closely with higher education, research institutes and other national stakeholders (such as the national biobanks) to provide the necessary capacity to process, analyse, store and share data in a secure manner. We are now looking for a Service Owner to manage our electronic data authorization and discovery services. Join our international team to help us make a real impact!

Job Description

We are looking for a self-motivated Service Owner to support our customers and stakeholders on the CSC sensitive data services. This position will focus on the data discovery and authorization services and the components that constitute these services.

As part of your main responsibilities - you will manage the strategic roadmap for the service operations, maintain service documentation, architecture and operative SOPs. As a valued member of our production team you will participate on annual budgeting process and help us to recruit the right persons for the team in the future. You will ensure that our services will comply to their contractual terms, operate without unscheduled breaks and that they fulfil CSC security and legal requirements for sensitive research data services. You will lead the planning and executing of scheduled service upgrades. In case of a service incident - you will be our main contact within the company for solving the case and communicating efficiently within the wider service team and with our customers.

You will work together with our customer services to ensure our service documentation and guidelines are regularly updated. You will also participate in teleconferences, meetings, workshops and various documentation processes as part of the CSC production team to ensure our services are match for the national requirements.

This position is part of the CSC sensitive data service production team and it will require close collaboration with the service development and maintenance teams. This job may also involve traveling abroad.

Key competences

You will have a Master's degree in Life Sciences, Computer Sciences or equivalent work experience. Previous experience as a Service Owner or demonstrated knowhow on ITIL/FitSMare are considered as an advantage. A background in research is valued for this position. We require good communication skills in both verbal and written English, whereas skills using other European languages are considered as an advantage.

Experience, and also eagerness for personal development, in communicating and documenting services (especially for researchers) is essential for this position. For example, translating and visualizing technical documentation into a form that is helpful for service end-users (e.g. lectures, user guides, websites, portals, tutorials or videos). Furthermore, ability to work with people from different cultures representing their professional views is vital for this role. Familiarity of common shared documentation platforms such as Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Confluence, JIRA and Request Tracker or a similar issue tracker software is expected.

We will provide an environment that supports innovation, challenges your current expertise, and facilitates your personal career and contact network development internationally. We will also link you to the professionals across Europe providing similar research services (e.g. ELIXIR). In return, we expect personal skills on effective time management, on managing potentially conflicting deadlines and on dealing with priorities to identify and solve issues together with our team. While our existing team can provide much of the background information on IT services, collaboration with our national and international partners and the applicable strategy and policies - we expect you to take an active role communicating with CSC staff members to help us understand, prioritise and deliver required improvements to the CSC data management services. 

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Hakuaika: 16.11.2022 - 30.11.2022
Linkki: https://www.csc.fi/toihin-csc-lle
Yhteydenotto: rekry@csc.fi


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