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Service Manager


RekryilmoitusWant to be a Front Runner? Join us in building future ICT solutions and doing work that has a purpose.

We're looking for a product owner for our cloud storage platform. As a product owner

you would be planning the roadmap together with the teams, discussing with stakeholders and customers.

Our cloud services are in wide use in supporting all manner of use cases focusing on research, science, training, and education but it's also a platform for internal and external services, and international use for scientific collaboration.

You would also be working with LUMI - the new world class supercomputer and its supporting services. At the moment, LUMI is one of the fastest computer systems in the world - and it will become even more powerful in a final configuration. Members of LUMI consortium will be one of the stakeholder groups whose concerns and wishes you need to take into account.

We have been working with open source cloud technologies, OpenStack, Kubernetes, and CEPH storage platform for a longer time. These services are complex and there are dependencies between services that will have to be taken into account.

Our teams work more and more in agile ways and we hope that you can help us to continue to evolve.

At a minimum you understand what kind of role product owner has on SCRUM teams, you know Linux, you know and understand git, and preferably some automation tools like Ansible, Puppet or Terraform.

Previous experience with CEPH would obviously be helpful for this position.

You will not be alone, you will be supported by our CEPH team, managers, and other product owners. You will work closely with them to ensure that we can synchronize development tasks of our teams. The job is wide-ranging, and you have an opportunity to learn. Our teams are there to support you in your training. Come work in a unique place with exciting technologies in a great team!

As part of the application process, the selected candidate will be subject to a basic level security clearance, passing of which is a precondition for entering into an employment relationship.

For more information, please contact Development Manager Ari Lukkarinen ari.lukkarinen(at)csc.fi or +358503819720.

Please send your application by 3.10.2022.

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Hakuaika: 19.9.2022 - 3.10.2022
Linkki: https://skills.csc.fi/rekry/#/job/2641?lang=fi_FI&portal=rekry2&ref=d5vr81k7s2zu
Yhteydenotto: rekry@csc.fi


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